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Anime Shopping in Akihabara is a Nightmare

Find the result on the Trash Taste Episode:
Who thought it was a fun idea to make a nice session of Anime shopping a stressful as hell experience.
An1me Man's Challenge:
CDawgVA's Challenge:
Thank you to all the stores for letting us film:
AkibaCulture Zone:
Opening Song: ICHIDAIJI, polka dot stingray
Edited by: Bakashift

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  1. Aanjnay Bajpai

    Aanjnay Bajpai

    14 órája

    Try getting eva unit 1 and show it to us

  2. Ealy Ehe

    Ealy Ehe


    Gigguk: squads Backbone: *no.*

  3. Karol Malinowski

    Karol Malinowski


    I don't even watch anime, but this video is brilliant. It's like a weeb Top Gear.

  4. imperior


    2 napja

    sTeInS gAtE

  5. Atharv dbz

    Atharv dbz

    2 napja

    What is intro background song?

  6. Robert Valentine

    Robert Valentine

    2 napja

    Get one furry or non human figure. Gigguk: uuuuhhhhh. Me: Hell yeah!

  7. Suhas Jorige

    Suhas Jorige

    2 napja

    we dont talk about the backround

  8. Requiem


    3 napja

    where can I buy conners shirt?

  9. zeniff moho

    zeniff moho

    3 napja

    Still the best trash taste outside idea. Can’t wait for part 2.

  10. Tohru


    3 napja

    Nah mate you go to Akihabara you go to that fucking maid cafe or you're missing out.

  11. I۞_۞I


    4 napja

    The year is 2451, the Reverse Flash is born. Gigguk still has not watched either Fullmetal Alchemist shows.

  12. リア//Muchella


    4 napja

    I've never realised how tiny nendoroids are until now.

  13. Kalgeriax 101

    Kalgeriax 101

    4 napja

    8:28 Yes brother you unders8:28 Yes brother you truly are man of culture!

  14. Uh Oh

    Uh Oh

    4 napja

    I'm getting extreme secondhand cringe from the lack of masks... I can FEEL the stares

  15. Random Nothing

    Random Nothing

    7 napja

    Dhar man: Be smart with your money and invest it. Me: Ok I got it Merchant on the street, hey dude would you like to purchase Anime figures? Also me: oh shit! my millionaire mindset is gone

  16. Sybato


    7 napja

    I've only heard of AmiAmi before this, since they have an online store (not sure if they others do)

  17. Sybato


    7 napja

    Are you not able to write the name next to the number at A-Stop to help remember what's what? It might help to write it down on your phone next time

  18. Sybato


    7 napja

    I'm gonna be honest... before watching the podcast video I thought Rimuru was a girl, since I've never watched That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, so it didn't help that they put him with other waifus in the shelf at 7:25.

  19. Sybato


    7 napja

    LOL he probably recommended the Full Metal Alchemist Nendo because you rolled up with the Deku one in your hands and it's a very popular anime (currently #1 on MAL, #3 for Popularity)

  20. hammer borger

    hammer borger

    8 napja

    you gotta get that rem alcohol

  21. Damian Lozano

    Damian Lozano

    8 napja

    Was this before Sydsnap saw the dxd light?

  22. Scarlet Requiem

    Scarlet Requiem

    9 napja

    These are very deadly shops, you won't be able to leave if you go in.

  23. Sorei


    9 napja

    polkadot stingray got me dancin in the intro

  24. kianchristopher sanchez

    kianchristopher sanchez

    9 napja


  25. Audrey Aveline

    Audrey Aveline

    11 napja

    Can we just appreciate the use of Persona 5 music in the background of some of this video

    • KGkomrin


      4 napja


  26. FZRwolfgaming


    12 napja

    Man i wish i lived in japan i wanna breath in that anime wifu figure air

  27. halen jiang

    halen jiang

    12 napja


  28. armsofundertow98


    12 napja

    For a second there I thought he got really excited about the gintama figurine and the idea he considered Gintoki a waifu made me smile.

  29. ryan de castro

    ryan de castro

    12 napja

    the attendant thought you wanted yaoi bara ie why full metal alchemist fufufufufufu

  30. Yennie Stan

    Yennie Stan

    12 napja

    オススメの商品(しょうひん)ちょっと教えてもらいませんか (くださいませんかmore respective term) Pronunciation (Osusume no syouhinn cyoutto oshiete moraimasenka/kudasaimasenka(more respective terms) ) This will sound more natural.

  31. Creamy


    14 napja

    i love bobs

  32. Plaxz Yt

    Plaxz Yt

    14 napja

    Why do i keep on seingmgo touban reee

  33. Plaxz Yt

    Plaxz Yt

    14 napja

    I got so hyped when i saw miku

  34. Cheese sauce

    Cheese sauce

    15 napja

    Should of gotten Chopper for the furry figure

  35. gordon_rams_m e

    gordon_rams_m e

    16 napja

    I got so goddamn jealous when he got the rias figure

  36. SRQ


    16 napja

    Jesus christ that poster

  37. Xavier Merton

    Xavier Merton

    17 napja

    >has megumin bodypillow and app >chooses aqua >buys darkness bruh

  38. tayto chip

    tayto chip

    17 napja

    that "ah sugoi sugoi" killed me 😂😂💀

  39. that one anime fan

    that one anime fan

    17 napja

    Why did you have to take off b-59

  40. AeroDynamicMilk


    19 napja

    I appreciate polkadot stingray in the intro

  41. Classy Pringle

    Classy Pringle

    19 napja

    Ok but I just have to respect this man for playing persona music

  42. tae


    19 napja


  43. Sensei Tubagoo 13 / subscribe to your sensei

    Sensei Tubagoo 13 / subscribe to your sensei

    20 napja

    8:40 I’m cooooooooming

  44. EnbyMuffin


    20 napja

    this is the 8th time I've come back to this video and it's still as good as always

  45. Twintail Lunatic

    Twintail Lunatic

    21 napja

    "They gave me a full metal alchemist figure" LMAO

  46. Anime XYZ

    Anime XYZ

    21 napja

    ''we didn't logan pauled akihabara''

  47. Febreeze


    22 napja

    Well now I wanna go to Japan N O W

  48. Levi Ackerman

    Levi Ackerman

    22 napja

    damn that background poster......

  49. SwitchStop Otaku

    SwitchStop Otaku

    23 napja

    Remember kingdom hearts garnt your child hood and memories

  50. SwitchStop Otaku

    SwitchStop Otaku

    23 napja

    Garnt is kingdom hearts he is the keyblade Master

  51. Periodic Dragonflare

    Periodic Dragonflare

    23 napja

    Why aren’t they wearing masks!?!

    • Periodic Dragonflare

      Periodic Dragonflare

      15 napja

      @Dylan G. Devine so is your waifu

    • Dylan G. Devine

      Dylan G. Devine

      15 napja

      Cuz COVID is fake

  52. Ibrahim Conteh

    Ibrahim Conteh

    23 napja

    12:08 bottom left corner gigguk, you forgot something

  53. Yami Bakura

    Yami Bakura

    23 napja

    hargai sekitar jgn misuh2. latih diri agar selalu bersyukur. dan, jangan sok asik lu

    • Reinava


      12 napja

      Dan mereka nggak pake masker😢

  54. Gundam wing zero

    Gundam wing zero

    23 napja

    8:03 i see gundam i buy gundam i knew there would be gundam

  55. Hardiy


    24 napja

    Where the f is your mask

    • Dylan G. Devine

      Dylan G. Devine

      15 napja

      COVID is fake

  56. Joyce De Witt

    Joyce De Witt

    24 napja

    Looking at you face is a Nightmare !!!

  57. JC the bot

    JC the bot

    24 napja

    He should have gotten a Keijo figure. That way he could get something ecchi and from a shounen series

  58. frozengerbil117


    25 napja

    Ima buy a body pillow for the memes

  59. breaditor


    25 napja

    good stuff

  60. akane kagari constanze

    akane kagari constanze

    25 napja

    I don't get it is being degenerate is that you were kinda' proud of being a pervert?

  61. Alpha Gaming

    Alpha Gaming

    25 napja

    i lke this vid for rias

  62. Super_ Smitty

    Super_ Smitty

    25 napja

    I love this video, I can not stress that enough..... But it did really bother me when you were touching and talking in front of those plastic boxes without a mask. Keep up the good work.

  63. Blake D

    Blake D

    25 napja

    Serious question, would a slaptoon fig count as a furry? i mean they are half squid/half human, so i'd say yes, but what does everyone else think?

  64. bb beeby

    bb beeby

    26 napja

    this guy isnt wearing a mask

  65. Ticaltheaes says Rthro is bad

    Ticaltheaes says Rthro is bad

    26 napja

    yo he has megumin body pillow **searches megumin's age** google: 14 FBI OPEN UP AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  66. Cypher


    26 napja

    He is really enjoying it, though i would have done the same



    26 napja

    why arnt you wereing mask' e

  68. Itheboss1738 Itheboss1738

    Itheboss1738 Itheboss1738

    27 napja

    5:07 I like the persona music

  69. Adam de Jonge

    Adam de Jonge

    27 napja

    10:19 they’re pink

  70. Jaidon Castaneda2

    Jaidon Castaneda2

    27 napja

    2:49 yes

  71. JustinDoom


    28 napja

    Omg change you bedroom wall its disgustang

  72. kristian nodland

    kristian nodland

    28 napja

    12:12 and you can see some naughty lips

  73. the running man

    the running man

    28 napja

    I want to go to Japan so badly unfortunately I can't because of covid but one day I will

  74. Landon’s alt account

    Landon’s alt account


    Bangcock is the most chad name ever

  75. Kalyteros



    Gigguk: Ahh let's try to budget wisely Gigguk the Intellectual: Hahaha bye bye budget it's Rias time

  76. beanguy



    omg i want astolfo im female but huge fan dude

  77. Egnition



    7:28 why the fuck is rimuru in the angel beats box??

  78. Isaak



    the rias figure was money well spent

  79. Philip Dowdell

    Philip Dowdell


    wait this is a real place i thought it was only in persona

  80. Isshiki Iroha

    Isshiki Iroha


    tang ina parang penoy to tuber hahaha

  81. Pill Cosby

    Pill Cosby


    where were the masks?

  82. Mew Two

    Mew Two


    they dont need to wear masks in japan?

  83. R4zE



    Ah, an addict in his natural habitat.

  84. JacobAzeract



    Hold up did you pull out Ichidaiji-?

  85. Chain_Waxy



    Why didnt u put on a mask

  86. pete53c



    i real life pogchamped when the p5 music started playing

  87. ash



    Ur camera man sucks lmao

  88. Nordax



    7:57 he knows toarus peak fiction and that Misakas the best waifu ever good taste

    • Nordax



      Now I’m sad he didn’t get her 😔

  89. Grey Possum

    Grey Possum


    am anime pro i watch adventore time

  90. Ugandan Knuckles

    Ugandan Knuckles


    i am surprised that gigguk hasn't seen FMA or FMA:B

  91. Sandman



    What is that massive print he bought?

  92. AJ Voracek

    AJ Voracek


    Would've been so funny if he didn't erase the Sagiri figure.

  93. PLO O

    PLO O


    The fucking culture in this entire vid

  94. Last



    And dammm rias.

  95. Last



    I never knew nightmare looks like heaven.😂

  96. SENPAI



    Rias fan base where you at

  97. ghost mika

    ghost mika


    the cashier at the third store must be so happy with his job becausse he can just see who buys hentai

  98. Harold



    Bruh kaworu would have counted as a non human figure

  99. haggis noodles

    haggis noodles


    i love that he chose THAT photo of conner

  100. Seter MD

    Seter MD


    Joey before the podcast: I think i won. Joey after the podcast: O no!