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Devil is a Part-Timer: A McDonald's Isekai

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Today I take a look at the Anime we are still waiting for a season 2 for, the original reverse isekai that is the devil is a part timer.

Edited by: Bakashift
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  1. Bloody Sacrifice

    Bloody Sacrifice

    4 órája

    Reverse Isekai

  2. Cog Gaming

    Cog Gaming

    15 órája

    s2: The Devil is running from the IRS

  3. Filipciaq


    21 órája

    5:14 Splish Splash your opinion is trash

  4. TCGamerOfficial



    The manga is still going on, and it's so fucking good

  5. MDgames 12

    MDgames 12


    Who also got this in your recommended

  6. Kevin Grau

    Kevin Grau

    3 napja

    I'm gonna cry. I was able to hold my tears until he put the intro at the end of this vid.

  7. D. Don

    D. Don

    3 napja

    idk I find this anime monotone and overrated. I liked it when I was a kid but then I decided to rewatch it and i couldn't even finish it

  8. UNSC 2003

    UNSC 2003

    4 napja

    I would actually love to see how Aqua would react in our world 😂

  9. RobertGameFreak


    5 napja

    To describe this show its a reverse of typical Isekai show Kind of like One Punch man for Shonin hero and action adventures, A hero that struggles to protect his friends and beat evil, barely struggling to push forward and save the world, Well instead he beats the enemy in one freaking hit and is bored out of his mind

  10. BoysShitInLife


    5 napja

    I'm in a McDonald's right now and get this recommended. Suspicious

  11. J H. Booth

    J H. Booth

    6 napja

    I miss this show so much.

  12. Blu Thundar

    Blu Thundar

    6 napja

    0:21 anime?

  13. Diorce


    7 napja

    It would be even more funny if they just punched the tsundere

  14. GrimAndProper


    7 napja

    Gigguk: Lists cast of characters showing shots of their faces. Gets to Chiho (4:22) - whole frame is just side-breast... Nice. Perfect portrayal of her character.

  15. kee singh

    kee singh

    9 napja

    Friends. If I win the lottery I will get this in motion... Mark my words

  16. Nostalgic Arrow

    Nostalgic Arrow

    9 napja

    lol i watched this anime years ago on Netflix where it came on and off again

  17. Ian Nichols

    Ian Nichols

    9 napja

    huh. i know this is from 2 years ago, but its kinda cool that there was at least some form of activity from an old show like shana.

  18. Carja Cabrera

    Carja Cabrera

    9 napja

    4:22 yup that is chiho

  19. Joe Mama

    Joe Mama

    9 napja

    Waifu Combaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!! Tan tan tan tan tan-tan tan tan tan tan tan-tan.....

  20. Katano Thuguto The 2nd

    Katano Thuguto The 2nd

    10 napja

    bro did this man really just say chiho and not even show her face but just her boobs yeah mans is funny

  21. King Jonghyun

    King Jonghyun

    10 napja

    I just finished watching it and I really really liked it; it's well done, funny and straight to the point. It doesn't need to be a masterpiece to be considered good, it's entertaining and at the end of the day that's what most of us are looking for.

  22. Majora's Wrath

    Majora's Wrath

    11 napja

    6:09 DefINe "EXcLUsIve ILlUSTraTiOnS"

  23. Jessica Copeland

    Jessica Copeland

    11 napja

    I just want some closure.

  24. Freddy Cruz

    Freddy Cruz

    11 napja

    Well, at least we have the manga

  25. berkcan4you


    12 napja

    nevermind. i dint knew it was an dengeki bunko game

  26. berkcan4you


    12 napja

    bro this mobile game tries to be dengeki bunko fighting climax! stupid mobile games! my eyes are bleeding!

  27. Just a random weeb

    Just a random weeb

    13 napja

    When I watched the anime I didn't even knew isekai existed

  28. Person That guy

    Person That guy

    14 napja

    This is yet another anime I wish from the murky depths of my heart would get a season two

  29. Epicow _

    Epicow _

    14 napja

    its from a medieval magical world to our world. The opposite of isekai. Or is it? Hey Vsauce here.

  30. Jack Doherty

    Jack Doherty

    14 napja

    So the devil works at McDonalds? no wonder their food tastes terrible

  31. DifferentNato


    14 napja

    that mom anime is basically harem, just add incest

  32. EliteYeetBoii


    15 napja

    pretty sure that's not Emilia 1:29

  33. Eric Baek

    Eric Baek

    16 napja

    the devil will take over the world by working and making money...i have to get to work on time to get employee on the month, lol.

  34. Null S

    Null S

    16 napja

    1:49 I was thinking more like Burger Czar but Wcdonalds works too.

  35. matrixman124


    16 napja

    I like tsunderes too. They've grown on me

  36. Book Worm

    Book Worm

    16 napja

    it's so strange when you think that this anime came out 8 years ago.

  37. zimi


    16 napja

    oh no you said ameila showed a picture of rem and said no not that one

  38. Lunarpsychocpg


    16 napja

    Finally, A sponsor from Crossing Void:Global.

  39. Ragna L. Grifol

    Ragna L. Grifol

    16 napja

    Hahaha still no announcement. Hahaha

  40. The Twelfth

    The Twelfth

    17 napja

    “Lord of the fries” I’m going to find your address Gucci boy-

  41. 八雲 紫

    八雲 紫

    17 napja

    What if they got hit by a truck and transfer back to another isekai

  42. Noregerts


    18 napja

    Sup, novel reader here. The light novels are a banger. The main focus isn't the romance but you'd be surprised at how much changes. The endings of the light novels are also a little different from the anime, of which you can read down there. The ending could be considered a bit rushed for some of y'all. If you're okay with that and wanna see more, I don't blame you. For the light novels. (A rundown) Olba doesn't partake in the battle with Sariel, and Urushihara/Lucifer doesn't interfere either. Instead, Suzuno blows up an electric grid to create fear for Maou's powers. Suzuno also doesn't end up working at McRonald's, instead, she lives comfortably at the apartment, feeding the demons holy food in an attempt to weaken them so Emilia can properly finish them off one day. (Spoilers, she doesn't)

  43. Raymond Lin

    Raymond Lin

    18 napja

    im sorry to offend jojo anime lovers but whoever likes that anime has bad taste just saying

  44. Cyarutchiii


    18 napja

    I don't fucking care that it didn't do good in Japan GIVE ME A FUCKING SEASON 2 OF NGNL GOD DAMN IT

  45. Big Smoke

    Big Smoke

    19 napja

    4:21 Chiho is only a sideboob? Really?

  46. Zarhog MC

    Zarhog MC

    19 napja

    Pole for Devil is a part timer S2?

  47. REMEDIOS Lorenz Marc

    REMEDIOS Lorenz Marc

    19 napja


  48. Shreyansh Singh

    Shreyansh Singh

    19 napja

    You can read the manga its pretty good

  49. bane_0f_heroes x

    bane_0f_heroes x

    19 napja

    The show reminds me of nanbaka, fun and interesting while subverting expectations, and hasn't continued for a while. Now I'm depressed thinking of it

  50. One with the 69

    One with the 69

    20 napja

    Guess im gonna rewatch it.

  51. Reaper Sans!

    Reaper Sans!

    20 napja

    It's a reverse isekai

  52. LeMeduu


    20 napja

    oh, the reverse isekai...

  53. smgb


    21 napja

    Lmao right as he said "world saving quest" i got an ad for a basic af isekai game with basic isekai story

  54. Will mqt

    Will mqt

    21 napja

    Crying in no game no life oh my god I’m dying

  55. Norad2


    21 napja

    “Lord of the fries” is a pun I like!

  56. flamos44


    21 napja

    its a shame the novel had a poor ending

  57. Kingeey2


    21 napja

    bruh is classroom of the elites next season actually cancelled

  58. lestat bo

    lestat bo

    21 napja

    I just dont understand why they didnt go for season2 and 3.. this really has a huge potential..

  59. ARTman Productions

    ARTman Productions

    21 napja

    Chiho tho😂😂😂😂

  60. J P

    J P

    21 napja

    Chi-chan's "plot" is the best.

  61. Renzperi


    21 napja


  62. Blueredgoogoo


    21 napja

    Hey, No Game is getting a season 2, so there's a chance.

  63. Wamid Wasi

    Wamid Wasi

    21 napja

    well i was hoping fr a new season for so many years bt it doesn't matter anymore cuz unlike subaru, he didnt pick Emilia and the author caused a shitstrom😒😒

  64. Out of Head

    Out of Head

    21 napja

    What anime did this skeleton from 3:58 come from? It's drawn quite well.

  65. Nathaniel Wtf

    Nathaniel Wtf

    21 napja

    I watched this 5 times already and feels like Imma come back to it again. Why won’t they just make a new season already. Read the LN but the voiceover comedy in the anime are just so good ;(

  66. Ranch Dressing

    Ranch Dressing

    22 napja

    wagie ragie

  67. rockzyk


    22 napja

    Well this probably doesn't hold up all that well. After the manga ending, I'm sure most people wouldn't WANT it finished. RIP

  68. Bobby Gomez

    Bobby Gomez

    23 napja

    I literally love this anime so much but im so broke for the manga T-T

  69. JetpackDino


    23 napja

    I just finished watching this. I want a season 2. Plz, I need it

  70. OodlesOfNoodles


    23 napja

    Lord of the Fries

  71. Gell'lo


    23 napja

    I thirst for this being continued. It's so good.



    23 napja

    "Burst crying in no game no life" Im in that picture and i dont like it

  73. Omnipotiscience


    24 napja

    The author pulled a Domestic Girlfriend.

  74. 造Kanji


    24 napja

    Is ironmouse (the vtuber) Isekai?

  75. tolis wm

    tolis wm

    24 napja

    Hey, remember devil is a part timer, do you still think there's a chance we'll get a season 2?

  76. aplsed


    24 napja

    Did anybody else think Crossing Void was a fighting game? Ngl, I think I'd prefer it be that than an RPG. Shouldn't be TOO difficult to compete with BlazBlue Cross Tag

  77. Rayuga Uzumaki

    Rayuga Uzumaki

    25 napja

    4:22 Nice 😜

  78. Theodore Liu

    Theodore Liu

    25 napja

    Narrator: Sadao *shows face* Emilia *shows face* Ashiya *shows face* Chiho *shows chest*

  79. Lil_chomps Gaming

    Lil_chomps Gaming

    25 napja

    Not to be that guy but... Just read the light novel

    • Kid Icarus

      Kid Icarus

      22 napja

      The LN sucks. That ending is a dumpster fire. I feel like burning the LNs I've already collected.

    • tolis wm

      tolis wm

      24 napja

      You are being that guy

  80. Codey Fox

    Codey Fox

    25 napja

    It's possible that if it HAD come out today, they might have actually tried to do the funny anti-trope thing which you praise it for not doing. Not a certainty, but it's funny that it may only have ended up so good because there were no established tropes to parody.

  81. Mr. Zyndex

    Mr. Zyndex

    25 napja

    I liked this anime it was a fun anime to watch i wouldn't say the best but it's worth watching

  82. KING


    25 napja

    1:29 That's not Emilia... (…) Who df is that actually?

  83. ultimate tragedy

    ultimate tragedy

    26 napja

    Then there is me...still wanting a season 2 of Voltron Force... I mean, the Netflix version was good and all, but I really want the 2011 version to come back-

  84. AugustDipper


    26 napja

    Spirited Away is STILL the best isekai.

  85. DG12


    26 napja

    Reversed isekai

  86. Anime Juggernaut

    Anime Juggernaut

    26 napja

    0:54 That crying for NGNL S2 in the background is me, and i don't like being called out like this.

  87. Ashley Croydon

    Ashley Croydon

    26 napja

    it was a refreshing change and you can hear me sobbing in the background no Season 2 NOOOOOOOOO SOB

  88. CreeperInBlack


    27 napja

    Now I wanna rewatch it.

  89. Pundah


    28 napja

    They should just make a sequel already. It's actually free money.

  90. violettheory


    28 napja

    The light novel ended in the worst possible way, so I doubt it's getting a second season now, unless the showrunners agree to end it the RIGHT way.

  91. Isaac J.

    Isaac J.

    29 napja


  92. Thanurs


    29 napja

    2:45 *Konosuba music begins to play and everyone shifts their heads towards Kazuma*

  93. darknessblade


    29 napja

    They should Devil is a part-timer to isekai quartet, for the after school scenes

  94. Thomas_1211 Yup thats me

    Thomas_1211 Yup thats me

    29 napja

    Bruh if they follow anime logic accelerator would dominate in this crossing void

  95. Aditya Sahu

    Aditya Sahu

    29 napja

    Did Re:Creators and Misfit of Demon King School have sex?

  96. Flaming Milk

    Flaming Milk


    Author... We did not like what you did to our ship I mean, ALL THAT DEVELOPTMENT, FOR NOTHING!!

  97. Trevor



    I haven't watched this anime but I did read the first volume of the light novel but it didn't appeal to me. I dunno, it didn't feel well paced or entertaining/funny. If I remember right they jump through the portal and get themselves set up with some money and an apartment, and then weeks/months have gone by and then they run into Emilia to kick things off. Should have shown that time getting started rather than plunking down with the MC already working in the job. Why not show the interview and first day shenanigans? Felt like a wasted opportunity

    • Sean Fisher

      Sean Fisher

      13 napja

      You have no idea how validated I feel by this comment. The entire premise is wasted in half an episode. We spend basically no time seeing how Maou goes from final boss villain to a happy, normal person. Literally the entire comedic premise of the series occurs in those few months the author skipped over.

  98. NEMOGD



    Dude, don’t remind me of this show, you’re going to make me cry.

  99. NEMOGD



    I don’t even want it to be completed now. I mean, a season 2 and maybe three would be nice but just not the final arc. Its horrible.

  100. Joshua Thomas

    Joshua Thomas


    This was the most mid show I've ever seen, maybe even lower