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Essentially, Anime Fans vs Manga Readers

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Today, I breakdown the ongoing feud between the Anime fan and the Manga Reader and see if the two sides will ever find a way to Co-Exist with each other.
Edited by: Bakashift
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    The manga of this video was better.

  2. Toast



    I see giorno I click

  3. Kuba S

    Kuba S


    6:36 How the fuck did you predict the future?

  4. Egg Boy

    Egg Boy

    2 napja

    Why not just watch the anime then instead of waiting for the animators to finish just read the manga

  5. Mark Brix

    Mark Brix

    2 napja

    The one big problem with manga: It doesn't have an OST...

  6. Oscar Wang

    Oscar Wang

    3 napja

    Anime watcher: I like anim.. Manga reader: *laughs uncontrollably* Light novel reader: shut the fuck up pleb Doujin reader: I’m horny Visual novel player: me too

  7. Anwar Prometheus

    Anwar Prometheus

    3 napja

    idk why i felt insanly hyped reading aot manga for s4 but didnt feel anything for s1 2 3 p1 and p2. guess im converting to manga then, but damn falco looks amazing with his new _____________

  8. darren zou

    darren zou

    5 napja

    I watched tower of god and then read the webtoon The anime was better

  9. Xi0nIsBestGirlFightMeIrl


    5 napja

    Im a member of all three factions....

  10. Raine


    6 napja

    So basically Manga readers STFU if there are anime onlies. Anime onlies STFU becoz Manga Readers hate your opinions.

  11. 2KTrippy Uchiha

    2KTrippy Uchiha

    6 napja

    The way an ad came in when he said the manga was be- makes this video so much better

  12. kugrond


    7 napja

    6:13 - Oof, AoT S4 foreshadowing.

  13. Rainydayz


    9 napja

    Web novel readers: I'm a whole multi-verse ahead of you.

  14. code_szn


    9 napja

    7:26 😫

  15. Goldlink567


    9 napja

    I've come back to watch this, this time not as an anime fan but as a manga reader. Edit: This video is even more accurate than I remember.



    9 napja

    Might I introduce you to Webnovel readers? We're gonna spoil LN readers

  17. リゼっち


    9 napja

    You guys dont know how many times my favorite series got spoiled in the youtube comment section LIKE FUCKING BROK FIGHT MEE RIGHT JOW SHIT YOU BITCHN FICKING

  18. Nicolas Duhaut

    Nicolas Duhaut

    10 napja

    Imagine a world where you could read the comments of an anime episode without having a manga reader spoiling 50 chapters ahead. Just go on special forums to discuss it ffs

  19. Jay Mercer

    Jay Mercer

    10 napja

    The forbidden doujinshi genre reader approaches.

  20. Jay Mercer

    Jay Mercer

    10 napja

    Can someone explain to me what the difference between manga and light novels are. I’ve only ever read manga and watched anime and I feel like it’s been so long I can’t ask but I need to know. So one person might find his comment on an old video and can that one person tell me.

  21. Elstonn Gunn

    Elstonn Gunn

    10 napja

    Hitler: HAHAHA we will win the the war Churchill: nah dude, not in the manga

  22. Zwingli Hilkia

    Zwingli Hilkia

    10 napja

    I just play VN/Galge/Eroge. So, I can choose my own ending.

  23. Piyush Pakhale

    Piyush Pakhale

    10 napja

    For me, It's really dependant on my mood, sometimes I wanna sit back and chill watching anime(I feel anime is better with music/va/ost) Sometimes I wanna read something great with background music (I feel manga is better with awsome stroy telling/art) They are Fully different from one another So don't fight

  24. Frog Chan

    Frog Chan

    10 napja

    Me watching this a year later when it was hinted at that Komi san might get an anime.

  25. Omega


    10 napja

    where am i

  26. xXEdgy_OutsiderXx


    10 napja

    the manga reader "the manga is better" the anime fan "to you"

  27. SpeedWagooon


    11 napja

    "The coulors, voice acting and soundtracks were better in the manga"

  28. Quinn Le

    Quinn Le

    11 napja

    No, I'm a manga reader and I am what they call an "online trash digger"

  29. Potato Tan

    Potato Tan

    11 napja

    4:56 hurts too much

  30. Greta Wilson

    Greta Wilson

    12 napja

    I’m pretty sure my opinion doesn’t matter but oh well here are what I like with both and hate with both. Anime likes: Its awesome to see the characters being amazingly animated. It’s interesting to see what their voices are compared to what I thought they would be. And overall more people get to appreciate and see one of my favourite anime’s more than if it was just manga. Anime dislikes: I came here to watch not fucking read. Thanks to anime watchers now its considered a sin to watch it in the dub version and I feel wrong watching it like bro I’m a dude with shit eyes I can’t focus on two things at once. Manga likes: The art is far more detailed and I get to appreciate it in its most beautiful form. The manga has things that wasn’t included in the anime for whatever reason. Finally I came to a place where I wanted to read and read I shall. Due to medical problems involving my eyes manga allows me to enjoy my favourite franchise without hurting my eyes. Manga dislikes: as someone who is European manga is a lot more expensive in my country plus is rare to find. A lot of chapters but if I have the actual manga book its better. Black and white pictures sometimes makes me confused on what I’m looking at so I sit there for awhile trying to figure out what the hell it is don’t know if its just me.

  31. Shaun Chambers

    Shaun Chambers

    12 napja

    The whole thing is ridiculous, they are 2 entirely different mediums that cannot be compared because art is objective, it's like comparing a painting to a song, it just does not work.

  32. ZCL


    12 napja

    There isn't bad CG in manga

  33. Cyseraz


    12 napja

    When u watched the available anime and is almost done with the manga and u still get spoiled by trolls in a roblox game tf.

  34. I Eat Kids

    I Eat Kids

    12 napja

    This video was good but the manga was better

  35. Bob Joe

    Bob Joe

    13 napja

    I think the script for this was better

  36. woris


    13 napja

    are light novel readers really hated? I am maybe not in the right circles but i have not met an annoying light novel reader, i think they are probably a little more mature because the medium is not that popular with younger people (in general) :/

  37. M.H


    13 napja

    There's a hentai at 3:19, a good one I may say

  38. kuroblakka


    14 napja

    5:04 The first time I've watched this video I hadn't read Punpun yet, now as a person who's read Punpun and seing this I'm like "Oh fuck!"

  39. Matt Reyes

    Matt Reyes

    14 napja

    I have a friend who only reads the Manga,and he never watches anime at all.

  40. Not Yet

    Not Yet

    14 napja

    fok I do both

  41. ThroningSpark 03

    ThroningSpark 03

    14 napja

    I was gonna start reading death note tomorrow and you just put a sign on screen saying “L Dies” Thanks 😂

  42. Aye Jaye

    Aye Jaye

    14 napja

    "Komi-san will never get an adaptation" ...this video was made one and a half years ago D: we really aren't getting one are we

  43. Phoenix Purin

    Phoenix Purin

    14 napja

    Dub is trash. It's like reading Manga but it was drawn by some cartoon artist.....

  44. sid


    15 napja

    Kaguya and aot enters the chat

  45. videon Mode

    videon Mode

    16 napja

    Anime watcher: I just finished the first season! Manga reader: I am four parallel universes ahead of you.

  46. Bob Barker

    Bob Barker

    16 napja

    I just like speedrunning shows

  47. ItsSapi


    16 napja

    5:34 A scene from Gintama hehe

  48. AsiateVonNebenAn


    16 napja


  49. Crynonical


    16 napja

    It would have been better if the LN reader just barged in and said "By the way this video is sponsored by Bookwalker"

  50. Iyar


    16 napja

    6:22 you're not alone i do the same.

  51. Car Mode 10 Moron

    Car Mode 10 Moron

    17 napja

    Imagine if world war 3 broke out because of three faction 1. the Anime fans 2. the Manga reader 3. and finally the Light Novel readers

  52. Slime Of World Calamities

    Slime Of World Calamities

    17 napja

    "Manga reader think theyre superior" Beserker 2016 - 2017: Animation gone wrong Tokyo ghoul: Has different story Soul eater: Has different Ending Akame ga kill: Had Different Ending

  53. Ghostinheaven


    17 napja

    I actually l felt that, when he said Komi-San wouldn’t be getting an anime. I love the series and hope it does get an anime.

  54. 5500somerandomdude


    18 napja

    My thoughts: For some series, the manga is better. For others, the anime will actually lift it up and make it better. Examples of where the manga is better sue to better pacing: Dragonball, Naruto, Bleach, The Prince of Tennis, Demon Slayer, Jojo. Examples of where the manga is superior: Death Note, HunterxHunter, One Piece, Baki, Berserk, Rosario Vampire, Dragonball Super, Boruto, Tokyo Ghoul. Examples of amazing anime adaptations that go one for one with the manga: Slam Dunk, Fist of the North Star, Jojo, Vinland Saga, Cells at Work, Monster Musume, Goblin Slayer, Monster! Examples of where the anime is superior and the manga be trash: NGE (the manga is a slog), MHA, FMA: Brotherhood, Terra Formers (anime is more gory and fucked up and goes more in depth), Fruits Basket, Sailor Moon, Trigun, Detroit Metal City.

  55. Rhon Evan Orpeza

    Rhon Evan Orpeza

    18 napja

    4:48 - 5:00 Leaving this here

  56. Carat LOVE

    Carat LOVE

    19 napja

    Me, an anime watcher, manga reader, light novel reader, and web novel reader: I’m light years ahead of you Neanderthals.

  57. Ayanu


    21 napja

    6:46 Touché

  58. Zen Mode

    Zen Mode

    21 napja

    5:06 come on garnt, why you gotta hurt us with *that* image? ;-;

  59. Zen Mode

    Zen Mode

    21 napja

    Guys, am i the only one that is almost ALWAYS against light novels getting animes? Idk, it's something about the fact that they're forcibly imprinting their interpretation of the scenes or something. Idk, i hope things like JK haru is a sex worker in another world, Killing slimes for 300 years, pain, pain, go away, and my other favorite LNs never get anime adaptations, i don't care if i sound like an ass for that

  60. Jesus Hart

    Jesus Hart

    21 napja

    I honestly respect light novel readers cause there aren't enough of them to spoil

  61. Lil Nick

    Lil Nick

    22 napja

    6:01 This man's perfectly predicted the whole Attack on Titan uproar over a year earlier

  62. Venkat Durairaj

    Venkat Durairaj

    23 napja

    Me looks at black clover anime and looks at manga, umm, uhh, ummmmm Frick the manga is better

  63. A Great Question

    A Great Question

    23 napja

    Its 1 year and komi san still still have no anime

  64. big flipji

    big flipji

    23 napja

    manga readers: i am unable to detect sound, which is why i resort to Manga

  65. Altf4 for free cash

    Altf4 for free cash

    24 napja


  66. Maximus Thurston

    Maximus Thurston

    24 napja

    *forgets about the Netflix adaptation*

  67. anaisfierce


    24 napja

    Anime fans: why did this character die why did this happen it doesn't make sense Manga readers: would make sense if ya read the manga

  68. Ian Gonzalez

    Ian Gonzalez

    25 napja

    Then there are the people like me that consume both

  69. IdotaTheLol


    27 napja

    Spoiler for re zero Subaru can use the unseen hand

    • Bryan LMD

      Bryan LMD

      23 napja

      You know that was shown in the anime about 2 weeks ago ritgh?

  70. Silent Mute

    Silent Mute

    28 napja

    everyone hates light novel readers: me nonchalantly reads web novel and knows the ending of the light novel series before it has even have a manga

  71. Antuan Antela

    Antuan Antela

    29 napja

    I feel deeply offended by what people believe about us Mangaddicts. I for one am not a prick that spoils everything, because I want an anime fan to experience the same shock and awe I felt in that one plot twist of the manga I’m reading as they watch the anime. I respect anime watchers and I wish they’d respect me too.

  72. gyro zeppeli

    gyro zeppeli


    the answer is simple just say spoilers its not fucking rocket sciences

  73. Nana Hussein

    Nana Hussein


    The man in the thumbnail looks like cdawgva

  74. a



    my style is watching 2 episodes of the anime then reading the rest of the manga because 1.i cant concentrate for that long and i prefer to speed-read .2 i like getting hyped for the next season whilst simultaneously feeling like a smug psychic 3. i prefer the art because it's prettier 4. dubs make me want to hurl myself into an active volcano. spoilers suck tho i had the whole of all the danganronpa games spoiled for me and that was bad

  75. Nathan Morgan

    Nathan Morgan


    Anime fans: what the hell just happened? Manga Readers (insert Dio music): you can't handle the truth

  76. TheTrueMr F

    TheTrueMr F


    I hate the spoilers by manga readers

  77. Terabite



    4:52 is the time gigguk broke my heart.

  78. Terabite



    I am a hybrid... The charm in both sides cannot be explained in words, well i wouldn't spoil anime fans becuz i know what they feel because i always accidentally spoil myself and IT REALLY FEELS SO BAD.

  79. Jose C

    Jose C


    Finally someone said it. Who else’s puts a soundtrack /ost on while reading a manga. It really enhances the experience.

  80. Justin Leong

    Justin Leong


    Lmao "Komi San will never get an anime" rip so true.

  81. Lucy Heartfilia

    Lucy Heartfilia


    Well it depends because in some shows the anime is better than the manga

  82. King Cthulhu

    King Cthulhu


    5:23 Can you tell me where I can get that shirt?

  83. Angel Crush

    Angel Crush


    That would be good but it's just impossible

  84. Evergardenblue



    This is why i want to learn Japanese. To feel superior.

  85. Blades Of Rage

    Blades Of Rage


    i think anime readers are annoying when they give their opinions even though i watch more anime than read manga

  86. Kayleigh Brown

    Kayleigh Brown


    Honestly, I'm just bitter that Manga isn't as popular. I want to geek out about to the level anime fans can. I want more than 5 people talking about it on youtube. I want top 10 lists, history of videos, visual essays.

  87. Tree



    If you're a manga reader and think you're better than everyone *shine te kuda sai*

  88. JayDee



    8:00 LOL true but actually who watches dubbed anime?




    i do both but gotta say, the voice acting has the upper hand

  90. turtle gamer Youtube

    turtle gamer Youtube


    The aot s3pt2 spoiler with the burnt toast was so accurate!

  91. Darian Law

    Darian Law


    Me who watches anime, reads manga, and reads light novels 👁👄👁

  92. Ege Özoran

    Ege Özoran


    Light novels: Pathetic Web novels: Say again?

  93. Artharem



    Reading Mangas that don‘t even have a corresponding anime adaption? Me: IF ITS AN ISEKAI IT MUST BE READ!

    • Artharem



      @Krishna Kumar I've stopped counting the number of garbage isekais I read xD There are many good ones though. I am really happy that the spider and mushoku tensei anime adaptions this season.

    • Krishna Kumar

      Krishna Kumar



  94. Yvonne Yang

    Yvonne Yang


    I love the fact that Manga reader hold a Five Star Story manga.

  95. Boeing AH-64

    Boeing AH-64


    Here i want to say that you are wrong when you said the anime will never catch up to the manga just look at arifureta manga or the overlord manga therefore i announce that the LN readers are the superior beings

  96. Yashwardhan Chandel

    Yashwardhan Chandel


    4:55 I agree with Manga Garnt

  97. Glen Ericson

    Glen Ericson


    This ruined my love for the poetry of Julius Caesars death

  98. DPA Productions

    DPA Productions


    How dare you say that about Komi-san

  99. Racher50



    What anime is at 2:18?

    • Ilike Food2

      Ilike Food2


      Bunny girl senpai

  100. Ash V

    Ash V


    Do I have an anomaly? Or maybe brain trauma? I watch subs and dubs, read manga, and read light novels. Should I seek help?