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I Met the Creator of Domestic Girlfriend

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© Kei Sasuga, KODANSHA/Domestic Girlfriend Production Committee
© Takeshi Hinata / Kodansha Ltd.
Edited by: Bakashift
Translation By: Lynte

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    Try reading The Quintessential Quintuplets

  2. DellunaMusic


    6 órája

    I'd love to see GE animated too, honestly. Also Eden no Ori! These two manga are my all time favorites.

  3. Twaps



    For some reason. after reading the NTR Hmanga Chitose All romance,drama manga that i somehow read hurts me.

  4. joaquin valeri

    joaquin valeri


    And your just ruin 2020 for 1 months!

  5. Razade Permadi Wicaksono

    Razade Permadi Wicaksono


    Does anyone know from what chapter is it at 14:22 Also, I realized that Hina wore something that looks like a ring at her Marriage Finger, anyone can explain?

  6. Manson FD7

    Manson FD7

    2 napja

    I love how Gigguk directly meet the creator of the 'Worst manga/anime' instead just bickering/bitching through tw*tter or Instagram like the elitits does.

  7. John Erickson Pacion

    John Erickson Pacion

    3 napja

    ur so lucky man❤️

  8. Jason B

    Jason B

    3 napja

    The ended to this fucking manga hurts my soul

  9. Aaron Braza

    Aaron Braza

    4 napja


  10. Boop The Nose

    Boop The Nose

    4 napja

    she's a normal person..

  11. Centrafrique


    4 napja

    Domestic Girlfriend as a series has brought me much torment. Even just thinking about it makes me feel weak.

  12. Sapta Prasetia

    Sapta Prasetia

    4 napja

    can u slap her ass for me bro, i realy dissaponted about rui

  13. Lance


    4 napja

    Those mouse pads tho 🙃

  14. Axel Boberg

    Axel Boberg

    5 napja

    she seems like a genuinely nice person

  15. Rainier Aeru Mercado

    Rainier Aeru Mercado

    5 napja

    You forgot her to tell when does season 2 gonna release

  16. Chowder Sauce

    Chowder Sauce

    5 napja

    Love your quality content Gigguk, keep it up :D If anyone has some time and wants see some lower quality content on the other hand, check out my new AoT parody vid! Any support on my channel would really help, thanks

  17. Ricky Halvorsen

    Ricky Halvorsen

    5 napja

    As Sasuga said so politely at 17:14, if you got lost at the ending of the manga, and didn't understand why Hina, then you should reread the manga again.

  18. Donovan Johnson

    Donovan Johnson

    5 napja

    Hard to believe a girl came up with this not saying this like a woman couldn’t this is just Something I expected to be in the back of a dudes head Imao

  19. Futaba


    6 napja

    this is the person who made one of the best romance/slice of life manga for me

  20. Shivansh Pachauri

    Shivansh Pachauri

    6 napja

    why is your mask slipping down??

  21. XenoFireStar


    6 napja

    5:40 Did she just compare domestic girlfriend to Mando and GoT? uh.......

  22. Nobody


    6 napja

    is the author, not distracted by Gigguk's Rui and hHna mouse pads?

  23. The elite gamer

    The elite gamer

    6 napja

    personally i found the manga pretty nice it's not great yet not mediocre while i still can't tolerate incest and such themes i came to the conclusion that kei sasuga sensei really depicted that longing to that certain someone and how far we'd go to gain his or her acceptance and how much wend compromise but seeing he had a kid and never gave up on her infact brought her home to practice her english showed us that yes while he might be a simp he's still a nice dad ( my personal opinion it's arguable however they remain interpretations that differ from one person to another)

  24. 빗자루


    6 napja

    Wow after reading, I never thought the author is a girl lol I did not like the ending my best girl is HINA but that was so wrong Rui got preggy and he married the other girl like wtf HAHAHAHA the author should've brought Kijita and Hina or Hina or Kiriya sensei atleast ending looks so rush. If animated version will create season 2 I'll never waste time ever again and not watch it haha good thing already done with the manga wew

  25. Mauricio Stornaiuolo

    Mauricio Stornaiuolo

    6 napja

    So She's the one who broke My heart and Rui's



    6 napja

    Will there be a season 2

  27. GaGrin


    6 napja

    The fact that I agree with you adds an extra layer for me.

  28. itsyaboiii_


    7 napja

    omg I love her! I love how humble and honest she is.

  29. John Buscher

    John Buscher

    7 napja

    FUCK. I never realized this was the same person who wrote Good Ending. No wonder I felt like DG was so similar!

  30. Clean Panda55

    Clean Panda55

    7 napja

    Gigguk you looked and sounded so nervous at the start

  31. Unknown Person

    Unknown Person

    7 napja

    her accent sounds like shinobu from monogatri series

  32. Garry JFM Solinap

    Garry JFM Solinap

    7 napja

    She’s kind, and i think she’s a good person. But again, the way she ended domestic girlfriend, still will remain in history as one of the worst ending in anime history. Twitter went extreme, even facebook. I was literally DEPRESSED, and even thought of trying to be toxic and about to message her on instagram and talk shxt about dnk. But i just tried to not think about “that trash manga” anymore. Then i ended up forgetting it and it’s feelings. Although i still disagree the ending, but i no longer have any sad feelings for it.

  33. CanYouMakeItClear


    7 napja

    Yabai! The author is a girl... I curse "him" many times🤣🤣

  34. DuhVirus


    8 napja

    I very much dislike the ending of domestic girlfriend.... I truly don’t understand what happened in the last volume.....

  35. Kaizze C

    Kaizze C

    8 napja

    Im watching DG thanks to you. Now I have another OST that I must listen to 24/7 and another waifu complex Seriously. thanks

  36. ManuSavior


    8 napja

    I would have cried tears of joy with a present like that. Am I the only one?

  37. Manuel Quintal

    Manuel Quintal

    8 napja

    I love domestic girlfriend

  38. Papa DOC

    Papa DOC

    8 napja

    If she can read that comment she must be happy after seeing good comments on Her.

  39. Zhi Liu

    Zhi Liu

    8 napja

    I WANT SEASON TWO OF ANIME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    8 napja

    This is nice anime ... I am not a weeb but saya suka anime ini .. Keren desu . ❤❤❤

  41. Shfine Gaming

    Shfine Gaming

    9 napja

    I’m just a hamster

  42. Justice May

    Justice May

    9 napja

    Like was it just me that notice chapter 73 was adult Natsuo that said how did my wife and I meet and get together then it showed his high school looks to me like from almost the start it was planned that were going to get together

  43. Justice May

    Justice May

    9 napja

    I liked the whole series and the ending but I feel like I see a lot of people just shit on her about it saying she stupid and they could have done better with the whole story like stop the cap. Then some saying that so and so should have died like calm down don’t pull out the 9 cause Hina lived and married Natsuo like everyone can still be happy like Rui and you don’t need to get your panties in a bunch.😂

  44. Tete'sView


    9 napja

    Garnt needs to improve his mask wearing game, his nose sticking out is actually stressing me out lol

  45. Siege


    9 napja

    Should i watch domestic girlfriend?

  46. Blitz Krieg

    Blitz Krieg

    9 napja

    I was a fan of her even before Domestic Girlfriend cause her previous manga was GE - Good Ending which I think is a very underrated manga. If you liked Domestic Girlfriend then you probably like GE too.

  47. Hairi Takahara

    Hairi Takahara

    9 napja

    So the entire Domestic Girlfriend is basically Natsuo learning and experiencing love with Rui but Hina is where Natsuo truly feels love. MY GOODNESS HAHAHAHAH

  48. Amiel Guardiano

    Amiel Guardiano

    9 napja

    I want a season 2 for the anime 👉👈

    • Amiel Guardiano

      Amiel Guardiano

      8 napja

      @Papa DOC i see😔

    • Papa DOC

      Papa DOC

      8 napja

      Not gonna happen she already bear the Abuse from *some* Idiotic westerns

  49. The Medineer

    The Medineer

    9 napja

    "The Three Way is the only way." -Me, after reading the manga's ending.

  50. ysiagwhwouw wuwiwiwi

    ysiagwhwouw wuwiwiwi

    9 napja


  51. Sairasu Musa

    Sairasu Musa

    9 napja

    Damn I want her autograph

  52. Clifford Ong

    Clifford Ong

    9 napja

    It was a good manga I really enjoyed reading it!!

  53. Jose Victor Villa Bayaban

    Jose Victor Villa Bayaban

    9 napja

    The girl that only destroy our dreams and desire

  54. Adrian Pineda

    Adrian Pineda

    10 napja

    Hina deserved the ending, no one can change my mind.

  55. Adrian Pineda

    Adrian Pineda

    10 napja

    Serizawa deserve good ending too :

  56. Rupak Majumder

    Rupak Majumder

    10 napja

    At first I started reading manga to experience the good old sweet romance fiction to disconnect myself from my hell of a life , but after reading domestic girlfriend ....... I just wanna go back to life for God sake

  57. kazuma kiryuu

    kazuma kiryuu

    10 napja

    she looked normal. truth is stranger than fiction.

  58. Prayuda Satrio anggoro

    Prayuda Satrio anggoro

    10 napja

    Season 2 version anime please

    • Papa DOC

      Papa DOC

      8 napja

      Not gonna happen she already bear the Abuse from *some* Idiotic westerns

  59. Sean


    10 napja

    Best girl Yui didn't win and author-san is like yui with the short black hair maybe author-san didn't win too?

  60. Courvg3 DOGGO

    Courvg3 DOGGO

    10 napja

    is he understanding what she is saying

  61. Masih Noob チャンネル

    Masih Noob チャンネル

    10 napja


  62. Student Foodie

    Student Foodie

    11 napja

    Thank you Kasuga Kei bcoz of you I turn into fujoshi Thank you so much

  63. Student Foodie

    Student Foodie

    11 napja

    I just move on huhu but I still remember the pain huhu I cry for almost a month huhu

  64. Drop The Mic

    Drop The Mic

    11 napja

    i don't understand people calling it incest... they are not related at all. Moreover, he banged rui before their parents got married. and even after that, there is no wrong with it. they are not brought up together as brother and sister and you can't expect their relationship to change just like that. i don't see anything wrong with the story...

  65. idklol


    11 napja

    domestic kanojo is the only romance manga that made me horny, cry, and happy at the same time

  66. Eris kun

    Eris kun

    11 napja

    i remember againn aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh rui😭

  67. Kumuzaya'San


    11 napja

    Anyone else notice the thigh butt check thicc thighs and buttchecks? or just me...

  68. Gemini AMV

    Gemini AMV

    11 napja

    I love how gigguk acts like he understands without the subtitles

  69. Kejoi Fukishima

    Kejoi Fukishima

    11 napja

    Shes hot

  70. Kry9


    11 napja

    And i fucking love you

  71. kintokisa


    11 napja

    Seishun Pop was by her too, right?

  72. adaydreamhd


    11 napja

    nice shirt

  73. levitator45


    12 napja

    Gotta respect her. Even though she recieved a lot of backlash and hate, she stands by her story and believes that it is perfect, and has no regrets

  74. Sarmiento Gian Lenard B.

    Sarmiento Gian Lenard B.

    12 napja


  75. Imre M

    Imre M

    12 napja

    maybe someone here knows any place wher I could get domestic girlfriend figures (which ships to europe)? I cant find any just some bad quality dolls.

  76. Dicky Suwandi Cutikno

    Dicky Suwandi Cutikno

    12 napja

    I need new manga

  77. sachin gupta

    sachin gupta

    12 napja

    I loved the anime Now going to read the manga

  78. nhicolas salazar

    nhicolas salazar

    12 napja

    Ngl everytime i hear domestic kanojo the pain just shoots throught my heart

  79. nhicolas salazar

    nhicolas salazar

    12 napja

    Ending probably was like shuu's life Shuu's life: has a wife and a child and still goes for another woman Natsuo's: inlove with a teacher busts a nut on other girl, girl wants him to marry his first love

  80. 25TH Senpai

    25TH Senpai

    12 napja

    CEO of Domestic Girlfriend

  81. Ethan Beach

    Ethan Beach

    13 napja I know this is sort of self promotion but I just want to see how many retweets the community are able to give for a season 2

  82. Dansyboy


    13 napja

    Eat domestic girlfriend while describing the plot of a ghost peppers

  83. Benji


    13 napja

    Soooo is there going to be a Season 2?

  84. TC_


    13 napja

    I love domestic girlfriend. It made gigguk's life miserable and that gave us 4 videos about it

  85. Phoenix Purin

    Phoenix Purin

    13 napja

    Fk watching this series is like putting your heart and mind through the meat grinder. It absolutely fk ur emotion to the limits and beyond and you just feel completely broken and trash afterwards..... Good thing this never happens to me. I don't think I can endure that ordeal that is life. I made the grave mistake of watching Kaguya Sama before Domestic. Now I am completely broken and cannot use Kaguya Sama as treatment.

  86. Ethan Beach

    Ethan Beach

    13 napja

    I find it depressing that theres not going to be a season 2

  87. Gaming Buddy

    Gaming Buddy

    13 napja

    When season 2 come

  88. Creamy


    13 napja

    I love bobs

  89. Ajay Kattal

    Ajay Kattal

    14 napja

    And all this time I thought kei sasuga is a male who's obsessed with Hina 😂

  90. Felix M

    Felix M

    14 napja

    Should of been Rui. My heart has healed from the ending but man I still have a hole cause of it. Every time I think about Rui, I just want her to be happy. Still don’t know why she didn’t end up with Natsuo. Literally everything was perfect but no, Hina had to get into an accident. Can’t pull that card. It’s a bit selfish. Still loved the whole series and am blessed that most of it was Natsuo and Rui together but man that ending killed me.

  91. Daan


    14 napja

    Is there a s2 coming out for the anime?

  92. SubToVibezz


    14 napja

    I just finished the domestic girlfriend anime and wth. I would’ve asked a lot more questions

  93. Arafat Lone

    Arafat Lone

    14 napja


  94. Arafat Lone

    Arafat Lone

    14 napja

    *JOEY WAS SPOILED LOL* 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

  95. Arafat Lone

    Arafat Lone

    14 napja


  96. Arafat Lone

    Arafat Lone

    14 napja

    *Sasuga is* ♥️

  97. Kristova Indrataruna

    Kristova Indrataruna

    14 napja

    I just finished the manga less than 24 hours ago. I have to say I "hate" it, I hate the ending, I hate feeling like trash/s**t after reading it. But it is in my opinion a life changing manga. The characters grew on me, the arcs were amazing, they were realistic with a touch of fantasy, the plot twists is unrealistic but the fact that it exist is realistic, not everything is going to be lovey-dovey. This work of her I appreciate it forever

  98. Олег Деревянко

    Олег Деревянко

    14 napja

    You had to ask her about second season of anime. Will it be?

  99. Ibnu Nazar

    Ibnu Nazar

    14 napja

    Why Rui lose ? 😭😭

  100. Salvador Luna

    Salvador Luna

    14 napja

    Her manga is good y'all just mad is not one of those boring romance anime with the same ending this has development and is very different