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I Spent $1000 Buying Waifus in Gacha Games

I am never gonna financially recover from this.
Opening Song: Kan Saete Kuyashiiwa · ZUTOMAYO
Edited by: Bakashift
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  1. デミさん


    17 perccel

    lol why not genshin that have 50 : 50 fake rate

  2. ZaMadryd


    3 órája

    'How I spent $1000 on gacha games' Genshin Impact: hold my beer Yes I know this meme is old but I'm commenting my opinion

  3. 眠い人


    7 órája

    His dark circles speaks more than words

  4. lambda gerard

    lambda gerard

    8 órája

    To be honest i play a lot of dokkan battle cuz dbz is my favorite manga since i was a kid. But i cant fathom someone liking waifus so much that they would invest 70k in them jpeg t*ts

  5. My L I E G E

    My L I E G E

    11 órája

    Gigguk can you delve deep into the birth of Type Moon as a company and/or the impact their Nasuverse and Fate series had on the world?

  6. Jalvis Mcoc

    Jalvis Mcoc

    16 órája


  7. Your Local Furry

    Your Local Furry

    20 órája

    I play Genshin impact and it’s a game where some people spend ungodly amounts of money for a drunk god or a cute funeral director

  8. Bottle 12

    Bottle 12

    22 órája

    im f2p teehee

  9. Warning 64

    Warning 64


    You ruined Komm Susser Tod and I almost cried

  10. Tilli Basaglia

    Tilli Basaglia


    in theory all card games where you buy packs , like yugioh or pokemon, are gacha, right?

  11. Leon Kan

    Leon Kan


    17:33 laughs in summoners war

  12. za wardo

    za wardo


    "I have yet to take one the final boss of gachasummoning rates" "chance of rolling for the higest rarity 5* servant is 1%" ..... me: laughs in Summoners war

  13. Otaku Otane

    Otaku Otane

    2 napja

    Gigguk sama



    2 napja

    stop being p2w just feel power of f2p

  15. Анжелика Мелихова

    Анжелика Мелихова

    2 napja

    I came back here to say that everyone who reads this will get Venti, I believe in you guys!😌💖

  16. W.D. Gaster

    W.D. Gaster

    2 napja


  17. Janus Patocchi

    Janus Patocchi

    3 napja

    just realized that the music at the end was fom evangelion

  18. Declan Briggs

    Declan Briggs

    3 napja

    may have gotten click bated but at least you spent close to the amount that's good enough for me and it should be for most people in my opinion

  19. kutkuknight


    3 napja

    21:43 is probably what you came back for the third time.

  20. 》Yeet《


    3 napja

    One punch man road to hero 2 giving 10x 2000% value packs a day, making you spend 100 dollars a day.... Edit: Pretty much the only people that have gotten as far as the story goes so far sepn up towards 100k dollars -_-

  21. MisterChief53


    4 napja

    I know the feeling. The other time I wanted summer nobbu. I tried to roll for her, but instead I got EVERY SINGLE SUMMER SERVANT EXCEPT FOR HER

  22. Gabriel Martinez

    Gabriel Martinez

    4 napja

    2:59 NO!

  23. Rhys Mckay

    Rhys Mckay

    4 napja

    Only 1%? *cries in Summoners War 0.35% LD nat 5 rates*

  24. Sakuro Ito

    Sakuro Ito

    5 napja

    Me getting Astolfo in my first roll and having no clue what the fuck I'm doing:

  25. Mami Tomoe

    Mami Tomoe

    5 napja

    I can’t believe you spent $400 on an unlimited 4 star.....

  26. Aiko Shiroyume

    Aiko Shiroyume

    6 napja

    Dragalia Lost compared to Persona 5 for its soundtrack is funny in hindsight.

  27. ky De

    ky De

    6 napja

    ymfah would be proud of this editing

  28. Roasted_ Night

    Roasted_ Night

    6 napja

    I really got a genshin add for this video😭

  29. 忍野〆〆


    6 napja


  30. James Landsborough

    James Landsborough

    6 napja

    It's fucked bro

  31. James Landsborough

    James Landsborough

    6 napja

    Try being the ex chap of Street Fighter 2 and live in to todays standard

  32. David Kurniawan

    David Kurniawan

    6 napja

    Wait, Astolfo? Waifu? 😂

  33. Earl Jazz Medrano

    Earl Jazz Medrano

    7 napja

    what was the bgm in 16:16?

  34. JumboOWoodie 3

    JumboOWoodie 3

    7 napja

    Gigguk: got Mordred on his second pull Me: (look at the mountain of salt I've piled up over the year) ... listen here you little shat

  35. Løţüs


    7 napja

    FGO Friend Code tho?

  36. Random Nothing

    Random Nothing

    7 napja

    he actually earned more than 1000 dollars making this video and if u dont belive me, you can look at the views

  37. Anime Rookie

    Anime Rookie

    7 napja

    Today tectone spend 2k dollars on getting staff of homa in genshin

  38. Elalendra


    7 napja

    If you know gacha %rate up Thats not lie and lie Sometime going salt But sometime pain Cuz 8%CE still more higher than 4%Servant

  39. surya -

    surya -

    7 napja

    this man spending $400 for astolfo (which can be obtained using free SR ticket)

  40. Harry Fieldson

    Harry Fieldson

    7 napja

    This man took aim at Tectone's entire existence

  41. Roberto Palomba

    Roberto Palomba

    7 napja

    Genshin players: "1%? What a casual game"

    • Why do I still use this site?

      Why do I still use this site?

      6 napja

      People always forget that Genshin has a pity system, while FGO doesn't... That 1% means so much more when it isn't guaranteed, while Genshin gives you at least SOME guarantee

  42. Kuuga


    8 napja

    man i guess good thing he didn't touch GBF *Guidl War Meat slaves here*

  43. araf abdullah

    araf abdullah

    8 napja

    Believe it or not i actually got astolfo on my third try

  44. Kappa C0dex

    Kappa C0dex

    8 napja


  45. Dansyboy


    9 napja

    “Sometimes it takes a real man to become best girl” -Gigguk

  46. Kazuya K

    Kazuya K

    9 napja

    Me a f2p gacha player... if only I wasn’t broke

  47. SonySonic


    9 napja

    That you dont have emogh stamina *shows arkknights* Me:2.7k sanity withiut a single cent

  48. Kaizze C

    Kaizze C

    9 napja

    "getting the waifu that you want is better than winning money" Gacha in a nutshell

  49. Drew Senna

    Drew Senna

    10 napja

    "I've been Gigguk" But now, you're a whale

  50. Drew Senna

    Drew Senna

    10 napja

    15:45 Ascending = Less clothes?!

  51. Dasaico


    10 napja

    for some reason, gigguk saying "0:10" is so SATISTFYING!

  52. Cas Yom4s

    Cas Yom4s

    10 napja

    Dick go.... Cha ching?

  53. Pixel Pug

    Pixel Pug

    10 napja

    I downloaded Arknights because I heard that Lord Tachanka will become a character, but the big anime titties are a nice bonus.

  54. guap_SSJ


    10 napja

    This vid is beautiful.

  55. Toby Speight

    Toby Speight

    10 napja

    Man yeah i feel that problem with resources, As a Bleach Brave Souls player, I literally have to repeat the same crystal stage again and again.. and again.. AND AGAIN

  56. Tyeson Sommer

    Tyeson Sommer

    10 napja

    I've been playing Dragalia F2P since launch and it's biggest crime is that the song Stealth Dance isn't on Spotify I NEED Stealth Dance on Spotify lmfao

  57. Skull Fucker

    Skull Fucker

    10 napja

    u know they wanna bring back soil from mars and i was like hmm corona+mars dust=BAD IDEA but then i saw this and then mars dust isnt such a bad idea anymore, why not just snort it while we r at it, yes good good.

  58. DarkTruth666


    11 napja

    Dunno why, but burning 120 SQ on getting King Protea in FGO compelled me to watch this video again and giving it the Like and Comment to appease the HUeyes.

  59. At F

    At F

    11 napja

    Wait 20 dollars for a roll thats like a decent new game

  60. lord2senpai


    11 napja

    i quit gacha (Dokkan Battle, 7DS Grand Cross) about a week ago, now I'm watching anime more often and just started reading manga.

    • Why do I still use this site?

      Why do I still use this site?

      6 napja

      honestly I WISH I could do the same, but I'm too far gone

  61. kira loo

    kira loo

    11 napja

    (ensemble stars)

  62. Ahegao princess

    Ahegao princess

    11 napja

    А голос у него не такой высокий как в дубляже ._.

  63. No This is Patrick

    No This is Patrick

    11 napja

    Tips: visit the wiki page of the real life servant you want to roll before rolling to have higher chance of winning that servant. I still dont know how that catalyst shit work and it's not always work but i got a 5-star Meltryl on my first 10 roll by doing that

  64. Rule Catannia

    Rule Catannia

    12 napja

    Try azur lane

  65. FZRwolfgaming


    12 napja

    Na im good imma go back to watching anime

  66. quack quack

    quack quack

    12 napja

    nice intro song

  67. Bean


    13 napja

    This is cool and all but idk if it’s rare but the tutorial pull gave me hoshiguma in Arknights

  68. Random Guy

    Random Guy

    13 napja

    Dragalia lost doesn’t drain your money, I have the best characters and I didn’t spend a single dollar

  69. Idea Fountain46

    Idea Fountain46

    13 napja

    I want gigguk to try out Girls Frontline...

  70. beastgamer004


    13 napja

    Guardian tales is the best mobile game ever.... Try it then tell me i'm wrong.

  71. Situ Zhao

    Situ Zhao

    13 napja

    2:57 im in this picture and i don’t like it

  72. Zhongli Totally not Rex Lapis

    Zhongli Totally not Rex Lapis

    13 napja

    FGO vs Gigguk's wallet was the highlight of this tournament arc

  73. Carlos Esguerra

    Carlos Esguerra

    13 napja

    Genshin impact play it I dare you.

  74. Creamy


    14 napja

    i love bobs

  75. DJR Shipley

    DJR Shipley

    14 napja

    Overlord be like

  76. Jason Speed

    Jason Speed

    15 napja

    First video of yours I've seen, fucking entertaining as hell

  77. Norm


    15 napja

    First time I have ever become willing to watch through an ad for this man's wallet to recover

  78. fishIsnotfish fish

    fishIsnotfish fish

    15 napja

    Tired of the middle evil anime stuff with magic and you know what I mean. It's like I'm watching the same stuff over and over and over.. 😒 but hey If that stuff Is making them money, and it's in demand they will keep selling It, so basically It's the anime communities fault try some other anime for the love of the universe or something! Experiment a little fuck, same thing with the marvel movies and super heros if it's in demand but fuck Isn't the demographic bored yet

  79. Night


    15 napja

    ohhh CSGO skin addics enters the vhat

  80. Lucas Barbosa

    Lucas Barbosa

    16 napja

    Clearly Gikkuk didn't knew nothing about gacha, Tenfolt Rolls are a Lie

  81. 016


    16 napja

    Mmm, not enough arknights hentai

  82. I am Focuz

    I am Focuz

    16 napja


  83. A random star

    A random star

    16 napja

    Yes but ur different, cuz as an youtuber ull get ur money back, some people just spend thousands without earning nothing back... Pretty not stonks

  84. Gavin Anderson

    Gavin Anderson

    16 napja

    Ok but he's definitely made his money back with this video

  85. Xu Daniel

    Xu Daniel

    16 napja

    I don’t know about Dragolia but I’ve played a fair amount of gacha, both good and bad (honkkai impact 2&3, omoyji, arknights, genshin impact, granblue fantasy, fate, and plus at least 10 more, mostly from Chinese and Japanese developers). I can say that even after five years I’m still playing omoyji and after two years still playing arknights and also fate being the oldest and still kicking means that these titles has at least some deep mechanics and gameplay that keep players engaging. While 90% of the gacha games are money grabbing machines there are always a few legit fun games out there that’s not pay to win but pay to waifus. Btw Honkkai, Arknights, Omoyji and Genshin are all from China. Even though a lot of people are saying Chinese gaming markets is filled with filthy gachas, they are also constantly raising the bar for the gacha models, if games like the above increases while games like Raid shadow legends diminishes, I personally don’t think it would be that bad and filthy at all. At least the artistic aspect could become a potential resource base for future triple-A development, in fact, black myths Wukong is developed by people who are originally from Tencent and has involved in gacha and MMORPG developing, a lively example.

  86. Cain


    16 napja

    Me: starts Fate Go My wallet: Hey, that’s hell your walking into Edit: I have now just got the classic Saber after a small price of £350

  87. Itachi Uchiha

    Itachi Uchiha

    17 napja

    This'll be me when I'm 18

  88. Blair


    17 napja

    If he thinks that Dragalia ost is good, he should listen to Granblue ost. The fact that the singer for Nier Automata sang a song for one raid is top tier.

  89. darren zou

    darren zou

    17 napja

    25:22 what song is that?

  90. krisantus liang

    krisantus liang

    17 napja

    in a conversation, people would normally try to talk about something that are the listener can relate or understand... unless im talking to another player, there is no way i expect some outsider to understand, if for example i am talking about my experiment on granblue's weapon grid system or how i plan to stacking up some buff fgo(literally in my freee time, i found myself making a calculation on excel to see which set of servants that currently i have would lead to the best kind of buff stacking that)... it might takes some time just to explain to them what i was talking about but when talking to an outsider im pretty sure saying "i want to have this character", is pretty understandable, hence the misleading conversations between players and outsiders that this video just mentioned

  91. Kai Christenson

    Kai Christenson

    18 napja

    I got wrecked in the safari zone by fairys

  92. Scott Rauch

    Scott Rauch

    18 napja

    Gacha games, you mean gachya money money games.

  93. Tosa _Uchiha

    Tosa _Uchiha

    18 napja

    First time?

  94. Bigid lagger

    Bigid lagger

    18 napja


  95. boom 350

    boom 350

    18 napja

    if its genshin yes its worth it

  96. Jo Evers

    Jo Evers

    19 napja

    The amount of Daoko's tracks he used for this video makes me happy in my soul.

  97. m4ndoik


    19 napja

    Did not see enough big tittied waifus in this video

  98. Robson Costa

    Robson Costa

    19 napja

    some wise words from an artificial intelligence : "A strange game. The only winning move is not to play..."

  99. Steven Luehring

    Steven Luehring

    19 napja

    There was this one guy on FB I talkin to.... Both of us play genshin. I am something called "low payer" in genshin arround 15 Euro per month for some goodies +100 Euro from time to time when i rly want an charackter and gacha didn't treat me well😅 the moments I pay thoose 100 euro I rly feel bad about it cause it's much money for a charackter in an Rpg game 😂😂😂 So there was this guy on FB saying damn Mihiyo C6 Xiao will be expensive again... And I was joking like "yeah 2500 euro at the worstcase" xD and he replied he allready paid 2000 for childe and 500 for a bow... After that I didn't felt bad about my 100€ from time to time... Imagine spending around 5000€ in a game that's just out a few month that isn't allready a complete game as its an Rpg and we still miss like 80-90% of the story it will have someday xD aaaand you not even need those charackters to beat the game...



    19 napja

    I mean yes sex is cool and all but have you ever got your favorite SSR waifu in the first pull?