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Interspecies Reviewers: The Peak of Culture

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I expected to make a meme video out of this not a serious recommendation video.
Edited by: Bakashift

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  1. -ブロディ


    3 órája

    so um where can I find this anime...

  2. Don't call The FBI

    Don't call The FBI

    21 órája


  3. Mystery M

    Mystery M

    2 napja

    The "hentier" Monter Musume

  4. John Joy Ignacio

    John Joy Ignacio

    2 napja

    I am from the future, you have never watched Redo of Healer

  5. crazykayzee


    2 napja

    hmmmm i shall upvote on the condition the value of 69k remains

  6. Daydream Hiro

    Daydream Hiro

    2 napja

    I've been fucking WAITING for a show like this!!! So excited 😁. It seems to me the way sex is handled in anime and hentai fundamentally comes from a place of sexual repression. Why can't a well written story include sex?

  7. Turismo R Grotti

    Turismo R Grotti

    3 napja

    Guy in the back: amateur Interspecies Reviewer: What was that punk? Redo of healer: amateur

  8. Bravoshky


    4 napja

    Boy was he not ready for redo of a healer

  9. Kaizze C

    Kaizze C

    4 napja

    Airing hentai on anime sites and anime on hentai sites. Seems legit

  10. Kaizze C

    Kaizze C

    4 napja

    Or in Chinese "smashing the plant

  11. al


    4 napja

    that's a rabbit you sick fuck lmao

  12. Cold Iron

    Cold Iron

    8 napja

    There is some nipple in the manga. It just comes from a rabbit girl that’s something like 90% rabbit.

  13. Mandragora


    8 napja

    14:00 - 14:01 this should be a viral gif lol

  14. Void of Abiss

    Void of Abiss

    8 napja


  15. Nitish Kapur

    Nitish Kapur

    10 napja

    Gigguk - I'm afraid more shows would not push those boundaries Redo of the Healer - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  16. Dansyboy


    10 napja

    You should review kaifuku jutsushi

  17. Ted Zhang

    Ted Zhang

    10 napja

    season 2 when ;)

  18. vchg hgfxh

    vchg hgfxh

    12 napja

    this vid has almost 69k likes,leeettss gooo boiz

  19. Creamy


    13 napja

    i love bobs

  20. Mxffinz


    15 napja

    ok but on god lovely heart 2 ed slapped

  21. Tú Phạm

    Tú Phạm

    15 napja

    if Interspecies Reviewers is The Peak of Culture then what is Redo of the healer

  22. Cyber Alex

    Cyber Alex

    16 napja

    5:20 i thought the first one is all i knew but wtf so many more lmfao

  23. Hotrob


    16 napja

    This show is literally a softcore porn parody of itself.

  24. Ultra ninja

    Ultra ninja

    17 napja

    7:40 "Ferb, I know what we're going to do today"

  25. Anime.otaku.meliodas The first

    Anime.otaku.meliodas The first

    18 napja

    Where can i watch this

  26. Chubby Bunny 123

    Chubby Bunny 123

    18 napja

    Where can I watch this

  27. Nugget


    19 napja

    So there’s no full on showing scenes

  28. Ghost_Pubs YT

    Ghost_Pubs YT

    19 napja

    The more you think about it the more you realize crim could impregnate himself

  29. hades the banisher

    hades the banisher

    21 napja

    They wont stop until you die Me: worth it

  30. Wolfee21


    23 napja

    The peak of "Plot"

  31. Sanctuary Guardian

    Sanctuary Guardian

    23 napja

    heyy you use too?😃

  32. facefake


    25 napja

    Whats the name of this anime

  33. Brian Lin

    Brian Lin

    25 napja

    The game is now abandoned

  34. #ff0000Sasagawa Ryunosuke

    #ff0000Sasagawa Ryunosuke

    26 napja

    ishuzoku reviewers s2 plessss

  35. maartenboy37


    26 napja

    Can't wait for: "Part 2: Redo of Healer"

  36. surya Raj

    surya Raj

    26 napja

    Gigguk: Interspecies reviewers has pushed the boundaries! Redo of Healer: Hold my cup

  37. ThatIdiot LoL

    ThatIdiot LoL

    27 napja

    Where I can watch it it's categorized as a "nonesense comedy".

  38. Toofpasste


    29 napja

    And now we have shit like Redo of a Healer redefining those lines :/

  39. Johnel Ross Dapat

    Johnel Ross Dapat

    29 napja

    The fucking rabbit at 4:39 always kills me xD

  40. LightTerror



    Its like a rom hentai but its not rom

  41. PLO O

    PLO O


    With the sucubi room I’m going in, I have nothing to lose

  42. Juan Felipe Salazar Ortiz

    Juan Felipe Salazar Ortiz


    A colab with nux would be fire

  43. Anxiealt



    Someone give me the sauces please at 13:55 & 14:03

  44. confused pupper

    confused pupper


    So basically they call an hentai an anime. End of story.

  45. Tetsura Zoldyck

    Tetsura Zoldyck


    12:11 we did it bois FMAB was no more

  46. Stephan Brun

    Stephan Brun


    Rule 34, The Anime?

  47. Justin Lacombe

    Justin Lacombe


    4:58 I almost spit out my instant dry noodles laughing.

  48. Lucia Claire

    Lucia Claire


    I actually watch this as a meme when airing, but I still followed till the end? First of all I was curious of what the creators would do in the next one, about the species (I love fantasy settings so I like it when they put any type of monster) and I was shocked of how entertaining it was! Even my friends where in shock as I'm the only girl that watches anime actually recommending this

  49. migarino



    Anime is noice

  50. Eden Demara

    Eden Demara


    Mirian is best girl

  51. Eden Demara

    Eden Demara


    This anime is sooo gooood

  52. Spades



    Where do I watch it

  53. zero死



    I fucking loved it, idk why everyone hates it :(

  54. devin weathers

    devin weathers


    I need a quote , I sex , I like you it's nice . Such..... SPLENDID ANIME OF THE YEAR SO SWEET N SO SPICY

  55. jackin peter

    jackin peter


    This man loves to get demonitized

  56. Xeon



    Nope, It's Hentai.

  57. He'stan



    And i'm obligated to watch this on my phone because deepshit youtube rules ask for my identity card, what i don't want to do.

  58. trollpatsch



    Plus the opening is really good

  59. TheTaylorTaylors



    5:33 got a new thing i'm calling it. lol

  60. Zack Nasir

    Zack Nasir


    Ah I see your all men of culture

  61. UltraSync1 Flamethrower

    UltraSync1 Flamethrower


    i watched the intire anime 8/10 wish there were more episodes ... yes

    • UltraSync1 Flamethrower

      UltraSync1 Flamethrower


      @Aidin Vlogz You can watch it here

    • UltraSync1 Flamethrower

      UltraSync1 Flamethrower


      @Aidin Vlogz let me check

    • Aidin Vlogz

      Aidin Vlogz


      Where can you watch it

  62. Some guy on the internet

    Some guy on the internet


    I would like to watch this show for... research purposes... but it is unavailable in the U.S. Is there a way????

    • anime slayer

      anime slayer


      use vpn there many free vpns available out there which will get the job done

  63. Jarrisu



    Can't wait for the redo the healer...

  64. Joshua



    what the hell was that at the ending?

  65. Random Pheidole minor

    Random Pheidole minor


    3:22 Redo of healer: "allow me to introduce myself"

  66. squidward Smith

    squidward Smith


    Forgive me for knowing where 4:15 is from

  67. AI Gamer Guy

    AI Gamer Guy


    Why is this age restricted? This is a crime against the culturally cultured culture

  68. Satan 666

    Satan 666


    Omg the fucking Rocket propelled grenade

  69. Big Piggy49

    Big Piggy49


    someone PLEASE tell me where I can watch this in 2021

  70. mason beck

    mason beck


    Gigguk: But sex can be a humorous topic Me: I thought humor was supposed to be relatable?

  71. thedivineparagon



    As a bisexual female, I fully appreciated the gender swap scenes.

    • thedivineparagon



      @Yui Tamura I agree with you. Though I'm not a huge fan of anime girls with giant boobs, I found the absurdity of the show to be unconventionally hilarious and amusing.

    • Yui Tamura

      Yui Tamura


      as a lesbian i quite enjoyed the show myself, 1) because of the females and 2) because of my weird sense of humor (which has basically nothing to do with my sexuality but i found the show really funny)

  72. MrJamieb18



    Video starts at 1:22

  73. Tornado Taylor

    Tornado Taylor


    Bards the anime

  74. Snowy Fox

    Snowy Fox


    Trying the show. I know a lot of people saying it are joking, but... I wouldn't call this hentai. Sure, it gets more graphic than most other ecchi, but... straight-up porn? Hentai is anime that is made specifically to be fapped to. If you can finish in the short time this show's lewd scenes linger for, don't try any jerk off challenge videos. This is the funniest anime I've seen since Konosuba, though, so I'm just enjoying it for that.

  75. minidiamant l

    minidiamant l


    when the anime is more of a hentai than the manga.

  76. Mr Kawaii

    Mr Kawaii


    Why cant i share this video?

  77. Chad Ohunayo

    Chad Ohunayo


    9:50 the best part

  78. Rebecca Lotto

    Rebecca Lotto


    Hentai sitcom, best way to describe this masterpiece

  79. Whale Man

    Whale Man


    bruh what the hell that game has characters from devil part timer

  80. Trendy_ Burritoo

    Trendy_ Burritoo


    Listen, ENIMA on xbox, you can find the whole series there.

  81. Irneh Redna

    Irneh Redna


    oh my god its a loli from black bullet in this game

  82. Croquocyte



    This was literally the first show I watched lol

  83. Kakashi Sensei

    Kakashi Sensei


    Cultured men doing cultured things

  84. Superp222



    I watched this anime because something along the lines of this happened My friend (jokingly): You should watch Ishuzoku Me: Ok *No regrets nor censors for me*

  85. Alexander Tsynkov

    Alexander Tsynkov


    4:41 that’s a rabbit you sick fuck...

  86. Echo222



    Just finished this. Certainly not the greatest anime of all time, but for me it is the perfect anime. Personal favorite anime

  87. Perrie Panfluit

    Perrie Panfluit


    Where to watch this?

  88. João Victor

    João Victor

    2 hónapja

    Interspecies Reviewers, the K-On of hentai

  89. Mini_chan_ Sama

    Mini_chan_ Sama

    2 hónapja

    I have a question Do your parents watch your videos? Are you disowned?

  90. Fikar Rusdiawan

    Fikar Rusdiawan

    2 hónapja

    Oh Lord!

  91. Metroplex


    2 hónapja

    Interspecies reviewers: *and this IS TO GO EVEN FURTHER BEYOND*

  92. Canadian Quarter

    Canadian Quarter

    2 hónapja

    I can't believe that this show came out in 2020 god damn it feels like last year / 2 years ago

  93. Kato Shuu

    Kato Shuu

    2 hónapja

    Aww heck yeah, finally finished watching it yesterday night Now I can finally watch this video

  94. TheFrankman


    2 hónapja

    There have been plenty of hentai sitcoms, just not good ones or ones more tilted to the sitcom part. Also disagree with the hentai classification at 5:10.

  95. Shurmash


    2 hónapja

    I did not think I would enjoy this anime as much as I did. And not just for the fan service. 😉

  96. Suite Brink

    Suite Brink

    2 hónapja

    yeah this is going on my to watch list

  97. Alvaro DeG

    Alvaro DeG

    2 hónapja

    Not gonna lie, I liked the octupus chick, Okpa..

  98. BlackGachaDiamond


    2 hónapja

    I’m a god damn degenerate

  99. Дмитрий Костров

    Дмитрий Костров

    2 hónapja

    Well,I know,that this title will be banned in Russia by court session that will happen soon. And I think that this shiet deserves it. But of course,anime watcher will be using vpn,so it will be quite useless ban

  100. Langodan


    2 hónapja

    humungous hungolomghnonoloughongous