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  1. Ibreathcheerios


    49 perccel

    Where do I even watch this show with a sub? I mean I don't know I cant really speak fluent mandarin

  2. perfectsilhouette 33

    perfectsilhouette 33

    2 órája

    We all know the best donghua is scissor 7 right? Right?

  3. Pperoni


    18 órája

    nice Honkai mousepad




    I’ve seen it but I feel like the manga was a lot worse than anime

  5. Nazhan 76

    Nazhan 76

    2 napja


  6. YeetusPoteetus


    2 napja

    I read it, didn’t like it and stopped

  7. i am a man of culture

    i am a man of culture

    2 napja

    This is funny because I played mobile legends adventure

  8. Im Phanta

    Im Phanta

    4 napja

    I knew the Kings Avatar Exists, saw the first episode when it aired and got hooked instantly, watched the first season thrice by now, and the second one twice. (I could watch the movie a second time tbh.) So amazing.

  9. Im Phanta

    Im Phanta

    4 napja

    All the LoL players are united in one fact: We all hate LoL. So pls, pray... pray with us for... *RIOT TO FIX THE DAMN GAME* I mean Viego is more fucking broken than old Morde with his drake shenanigans. What the acutal fuck is this? Why does Aphelios even exist? What is this shit? *RITO PLS*

  10. Twisted Demon

    Twisted Demon

    4 napja

    Where can you even watch this anime?

  11. Farhan Nasir

    Farhan Nasir

    4 napja

    I won't say stress free 🙂

  12. Nick Longenecker

    Nick Longenecker

    5 napja

    6:35 is that fucking teddie from persona 4

  13. Frederick


    5 napja

    Well since we've gained the knowledge of an E-sports anime, I guess we'll be waiting on that Gacha anime

  14. Death KillR091

    Death KillR091

    6 napja

    2021 just found out this aniume exists(kings avatar) i just read th emnaga too

  15. Daniel Brener

    Daniel Brener

    7 napja

    What's the music at 13:05???

  16. Just Simply Call Me Evan

    Just Simply Call Me Evan

    7 napja

    wait what, a season 2 of that thing? how tf did i miss this...

  17. Þórr


    7 napja

    It's solo que to global

  18. Dripku


    8 napja

    I dare you to change your pfp to a hentai

  19. Spritemon 98

    Spritemon 98

    8 napja

    Is this a Japanese or Chinese anime?

  20. Spritemon 98

    Spritemon 98

    8 napja

    Every esports player is just a random person to me

  21. syhmi eymn

    syhmi eymn

    9 napja

    Ngl i watched the kings avatar is 🔥🔥🔥

  22. syhmi eymn

    syhmi eymn

    9 napja

    Why play mobile legends adventure when u can play the original mobile legends

  23. Typhlo


    9 napja

    Watched the s1 some years ago, it motivated me to do esport, now my life is fucked, I hate and love league

  24. eliri


    9 napja

    ayo tf moonton sponsors videos now? since when

  25. itchytwitchymanguydude guy

    itchytwitchymanguydude guy

    10 napja

    eww mobile legends im league of legends gang

  26. wallasian


    10 napja

    Gigguk the infamous 0/10 yasuo main

  27. Felicia Xedine

    Felicia Xedine

    10 napja

    Best gamergirl is Yifan.

  28. kokeanikilator


    11 napja

    10:20 Pentakill? Only real gamers™ will remember "PLAGUUUUU PLAGUUUUUUUUUUUUUU" and "RIVO RIVO RIVO" i can't believe how Old this makes me feel...

  29. RexX


    11 napja

    It sucks how King's Avatar is so underrated

  30. Jing


    12 napja

    Any1 gonna mention about the Megaman X6 song :0

  31. Roblox Gamer

    Roblox Gamer

    12 napja

    i watched this before this video came out is that epic idk

  32. Da Bun

    Da Bun

    12 napja

    The LN is flippin amazing, hard recommend to anyone even the slightestly interersted in it.

  33. Creamy


    14 napja

    l love bobs

  34. Emrys Ivy

    Emrys Ivy

    14 napja

    I absolutely Love King’s Avatar! I made a whole presentation in it two years ago for my anime club! The live action series for it is actually amazing too and gets to the actual e-sports way quicker. I’m so glad to see a big HUeyer talk about this amazing series!



    14 napja

    i haven't seen the ''anime'' but i red the novel is pretty good

  36. Kevin Bhimdass

    Kevin Bhimdass

    15 napja

    the movie is sick

  37. slime


    15 napja

    I like how he's sponsored by a moba and talks about another moba kek

  38. hggh 02

    hggh 02

    15 napja

    I deadass thought it was gonna be those sarcastic videos about how godly ex arm is

  39. Richie Patil

    Richie Patil

    15 napja

    Noooooooo pls dont let me restart league, ive been off for 3 months

  40. MakiPcr


    16 napja

    My brother plays LoL so naturally I just know KD/A

  41. William Ratcliffe

    William Ratcliffe

    16 napja

    wait what, I read the webnovel a few years back. Why is it so big all of a sudden wtf.

  42. Phoenix Purin

    Phoenix Purin

    16 napja

    The reason why Japan anime struggles with Esports is because Japan at least compare to other nations, don't value Esports as much. Esport scene is just not as big. And China, being a nation invested in anime way before the West also have one of the biggest Esports scene in the world. It makes sense China pulled it off as the people are familiar with anime and gaming whereas Japanese Mangaka likely lack the Esports experience to make it great in anime

  43. E Z

    E Z

    16 napja

    What's the website he keeps looking up anime at!?

  44. Adverace Woe

    Adverace Woe

    17 napja

    I was in the beginning like: BURN THE WITCH

  45. Duduisepic Gu

    Duduisepic Gu

    17 napja

    The only reason I don’t watch this anime is because it’s Chinese, if you are Chinese, you’ll understand the tone of the language rlly just doesn’t fit with anime.

  46. Brandy Guo

    Brandy Guo

    17 napja

    Hitori no Shita, god animations

  47. Fubuki Cat Desu

    Fubuki Cat Desu

    17 napja

    "I'm in a hate hate relationship with league" I'm in the same situation with destiny 2 and I don't like it

  48. Awesomedude Playz

    Awesomedude Playz

    17 napja

    Can we get a f in the chat (reply’s) for pog champ rip 2010-2021

  49. Awesomedude Playz

    Awesomedude Playz

    17 napja

    Rip pog champ

  50. JaV P

    JaV P

    18 napja

    This.... this... isnt Domestic Girlfriend. 😳

  51. Fernando Perez

    Fernando Perez

    18 napja

    Wait a mother fucking gawd dam minute your not gonaa mention that weeb ass mouse pad or where to get it?

  52. Galiant Silverhawk2010

    Galiant Silverhawk2010

    18 napja

    Gigguk, there's an esports webcomic that shows the climb to being an esports team called no scope. It's only started, but it's amazing!

    • Thisklutch


      12 napja

      I love no scope

  53. Henry Liang

    Henry Liang

    19 napja

    VGHS fans remember

  54. The SpaceMK Production

    The SpaceMK Production

    19 napja

    Bruh ive seen TKA twice and i apparently wiped it from my mind, i loved TKA omg.

  55. Arctrog


    19 napja

    i like overwatch league :(

  56. Anarchy


    19 napja

    hahahaha ,..... 2:10 you literally summed up the reason for me too

  57. Colton Lovejoy

    Colton Lovejoy

    19 napja

    Ah yes, KA getting the recognition it needs.

  58. Brian Castillo

    Brian Castillo

    20 napja

    oh my god i thought no one else watched this anime. I'm glad you talked about it

  59. DONUT AMV's


    20 napja

    Full form of LOL = league of legends.

  60. Nachtmahr


    20 napja

    Just wanna mention, MLA is suuuuuper pay to win. It takes a ton of effort to level up your heroes, but no matter how much time you sink into the game, you will ALWAYS be outclassed by those who pay. Nearly everything about the game specifically caters to those who fork over their money. To put it into perspective, a free-to-play would need to grind daily for 3 years to get to where a pay-to-play can get in less than a month. Not to mention the Chaos and Order type heroes. While any player can TECHNICALLY acquire them, it’s nearly impossible to level them up enough to be a viable option for your team without paying. If you want to try it, it’s not bad for an idle game, but don’t even dream about getting to the top of any sort of leaderboard. There are tons of people who spend literal THOUSANDS of dollars. A few have even taken out a second mortgage for fucks sake. In fact, I wouldn’t even bother with most forms of PVP. You can still have fun with some aspects of the game, but it’s super frustrating watching someone who joined the game around the same time as you with a full team of max-level max-star heroes when you’ve barely awakened a single hero. Overall, it’s a shit game. Would not recommend. F*%^ Moonton, their MOBA game is trash too.

  61. Zero H

    Zero H

    20 napja

    I just realized Gigguk has a Honkai Impact 3rd mouse pad... Why hasn't he ever talked about the amazing story and animations from the game O_o?

  62. Frozen Queen

    Frozen Queen

    21 napja

    Pog league of legends gamer

  63. yes no

    yes no

    21 napja

    He played the song with the lyric “LeGeNDs nEvER diEe”....ew

  64. Dr _ Nomz

    Dr _ Nomz

    22 napja

    9:00 You did NOT just use Mega Man X6's best theme! Gikkuk you were cool before but now you're EXTREMELY cool! :D

  65. ReptileVoodoo


    23 napja

    Brain: "Whisk Xin Zhao isn't real, he can't hurt you" Whisk Xin Zhao : *steamrolls bronze me on the way to Challenger*

  66. girl_overthere


    23 napja

    seeing that classic jacksfilms vomitting milk gag on an anime channel was...wild

  67. axion


    23 napja

    there should CONNNNNNNNNNNERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! somewhere in this video

  68. aibfsfs aibfsfs

    aibfsfs aibfsfs

    23 napja

    totally irrelevant, but i just saw the worst raid shadow legends ad ever

  69. LightningTech


    23 napja

    Gigguk: "I play league" Normal people: "League, whats that?" Deep Gamers: "ew" People who religiously play league: *clicks unsubscribe button and closes video never coming back*

  70. BeLikeTom_


    23 napja

    Do one with the life of the immortal king

  71. BeLikeTom_


    23 napja

    This channel has got worse with the jokes

  72. Dunkler Overlord

    Dunkler Overlord

    23 napja


  73. Kurt Domingo

    Kurt Domingo

    24 napja

    Listen man, everyone knows, even normies. Everyone liked Ahri when they first played LoL

  74. Erwins Arm

    Erwins Arm

    24 napja

    6:44 lol gackt

  75. Drago _Pubg

    Drago _Pubg

    24 napja

    "In the history of Mobile Legends" u say Yea prolly adventure has better events than bang bang

  76. Harry Zhang

    Harry Zhang

    25 napja

    It's actually a chinese anime that based on a novel write avout Dungeon Fighter Oline......

  77. WesleyNigelorFlygel


    25 napja

    finally someone talking about this anime :3 But gigguk, did u also watched the movie? since u did not even mentioned it.

  78. Ned Emmanuel

    Ned Emmanuel

    25 napja

    Street fighter 3rd strike theme song

  79. Jason


    25 napja

    4:42. I feel attacked.

  80. Tekamer


    25 napja

    Kings avatar reminds me of world of Warcraft so much. The hype of new servers launching back in the day. The way people make break mythic plus records (Basically competitive pve) literally exactly like the kings avatar competetive pve. And the pvp is almost exactly the same. The hidden items like sorrowbane(if you are in 2020-2021). So watching kings avatar really made me happy since it reminds me of how I played wow competitively.

  81. Questing Sheppard

    Questing Sheppard

    26 napja

    Kinda weird how I watched the live action kings avatar not knowing it had an anime....

    • pali


      15 napja

      Same I watched live action first personaly liked it more vca it felt better as a live action but LOVE BOth sooo much

  82. 50


    26 napja

    I remember I watched this way back when season 1 came out and I loved it and was hoping for season 2 for ages. Completely forgot about it and now it has a season 2? Omg.



    26 napja

    I am a fan of riot music

  84. Magnus Anderson

    Magnus Anderson

    26 napja

    Lmao I watched like 20 episodes of the live action series, it got super cheesy so I stopped watching. I will definitely rewatch it in donghua version - something about that art style sucks me in even if the story is as bad (and we all know that live actions have a way of ruining otherwise good stories anyway)

  85. Assassin X Gaming

    Assassin X Gaming

    27 napja

    Mobile legends gets sponsored League of legends special sponsor...

  86. Tired Gamer

    Tired Gamer

    27 napja

    5:10 this aged well

  87. raine


    28 napja

    Its gonna be really hard for non gamers to understand at least half of the terms if they don't actually play

  88. maou


    28 napja

    If you used the ml not lol you can get more downloader

  89. Svenn Martinsson

    Svenn Martinsson

    28 napja

    i did not know there was an anime i watched the live action on netflix tho it was okay bet the anime is waaaay better

  90. Hell rider

    Hell rider

    29 napja

    I have to watch it

  91. Teajay


    29 napja

    Someday overwatch league :(

  92. Flappy


    29 napja

    I am currently watching the anime but I watched the live action first bc I didn’t know there was an anime but anyway the live action is soooo good I recommend it especially if your an esports fan almost every episode had my heart racing

  93. Qin san

    Qin san

    29 napja

    At that time I had just finished SAO (again), and here was my genuine reaction to this anime. : How..the F*ck do they pull of those move

  94. Sow Najee

    Sow Najee


    When a weeb tells you that only true gamers watch this anime Me: am going to get coldzera to shoot your dumba$$

  95. Sow Najee

    Sow Najee


    League is pog

  96. Chowder Sauce

    Chowder Sauce


    A LoL anime if done right would be sooooooooooo gooooood. So many storylines and big moments that could happen. Also a bit random but I made an AoT abridged episode recently, if anyone has time to check it out it would mean a lot!

  97. Lon TRM

    Lon TRM


    This show has a really great live action on Netflix I promise just watch it please 🙏

  98. Zetten



    god I fucking love kings avatar

  99. Sleeping Ninja

    Sleeping Ninja


    Japanese dub the kings avatar i will consider watching it..

  100. Pedro Valente

    Pedro Valente


    If you want to make keyboard clicking exciting just watch Death Note potatoe chip scene for reference