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The Best Waifu of 2020

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  1. Anonymous Nobody

    Anonymous Nobody

    22 órája

    Can we just agree that Kazuya is wretched? He’s more bone headed than any other anime protag I’ve seen

  2. 5thar



    I love you gigguk but I just finished this show and it along with masume-kun's revenge have killed my love for the genre completely, maybe it's cause people hyped it up but these are just bad, they look pretty sure and both have bobs of an op and ed but the content in between is thrash. Lol

  3. Aiko Yamada

    Aiko Yamada


    Nah fam, Nagatoro is way better

  4. Mai San

    Mai San

    2 napja

    2:27 what’s that anime

  5. Cosaru


    2 napja

    Mai Sakurajima will always be the best for me

  6. Len Brown

    Len Brown

    3 napja

    Yo im sry but I think we forgetting the best best girl... Rachel from TOG

  7. CheesyGoneCrazy


    3 napja

    This is the funniest thing I’ve ever watched, and this is like the third time I watch it

  8. Sid Parab

    Sid Parab

    3 napja

    Best waifu of 2020...... *INTERESTING*

  9. pitekargos6


    3 napja

    Zero Two's loli face on GER made me scared for life. Such a powerfull being shouldn't exist.

  10. Stery


    4 napja

    Loved the persona 4 music (:

  11. zero two

    zero two

    4 napja

    Rem is the best



    4 napja

    Ok we all now it is akame is the best wifu

  13. jayanto imam

    jayanto imam

    4 napja

    I'm very sad she didn't win the best girl award.😭😭😭😭😭

  14. Ke Ok

    Ke Ok

    5 napja

    for the first 4-5 episodes i was like *i fucking hate this show* *alright next episode.*

    • Ke Ok

      Ke Ok

      4 napja

      then ruka appeared and i started simping the fuck out of her

  15. Ke Ok

    Ke Ok

    5 napja

    Ruka chan best girl wdym

  16. Ke Ok

    Ke Ok

    5 napja

    Ruka chan best girl of this decade

  17. TryEasy


    5 napja

    best girl is akane from tsukigakirei

  18. MonaryMenos 1210

    MonaryMenos 1210

    5 napja

    I don't understand why people think Kaguya is best girl of 2020. It's just wrong.

  19. Mustafa Bilge

    Mustafa Bilge

    5 napja

    Nah this show was garbage.

  20. An Es

    An Es

    5 napja

    Still rent a girlfriend is trash... The protagonist has no personality what so ever, and the girl fell for him for no fucking reason, it's a complete piss pit of a show.

    • Strahinja Krstic

      Strahinja Krstic

      2 napja

      You will see movie arc there kazuya is eh a really good improvement from all s1

  21. Binh Nguyen Thi

    Binh Nguyen Thi

    6 napja

    Tusakasa i think could took this spot

  22. snappl360 playz

    snappl360 playz

    6 napja

    We all know speed wagon is best waifu

  23. Ferron de Witte

    Ferron de Witte

    6 napja

    in ep 12 my eyes suddenly started sweating.. like PPhhHH :/// (Btw s2 is coming)

  24. NILAY FF


    6 napja

    Any one remembers the girl Kaori from ur lie in april 🤔 Y she is not in the list??

  25. RAMPANT_AI 128

    RAMPANT_AI 128

    7 napja

    Senjougahara best girl

  26. Lê Sỹ Anh

    Lê Sỹ Anh

    7 napja

    Idc what people say, Chizuru is the best waifu ever in my opinion. I never think i would actually get addicted to an anime girl one day, and then I read Kanokari. She's an anime girl who gives me anime vibe and keeps it real at the same time. An anime girl who you feel like she's a real life girl perfect girl, a girl u can relate to real life despite you how much you hate real life girls. She affects my hobbies, mindset positively, gives me strength to overcome rough days just by thinking of her story. Probably one of the most well written charactor in harem animes

  27. SifatZ Hossain

    SifatZ Hossain

    7 napja

    Kaguya from love is war is the best waifu Change my mind

  28. Eltin Tand

    Eltin Tand

    7 napja

    Mai from bunny girl reminds me of Chizuru

  29. Abhay Karman

    Abhay Karman

    8 napja

    I literally binged all 12 episode in one day I can't believe it

    • Richard Davison

      Richard Davison

      7 napja

      Same I did it yesterday

  30. Bad timing Benja

    Bad timing Benja

    8 napja

    Mizuhara might as well open an onlyfans account cause that's the nature of the service she's providing. I've got no problem with a woman enjoying her privilege, but i can't stand her being self righteous about it. Especially when she doesn't make an effort to understand the addictive nature of the service she's providing and why she should stop providing such service to a simphead like kazuya whose money it's not even his to waste. Mizuhara may not be a bitch like Mami, but she's just another woman taking advantage of her beauty and showing no regard or empathy for the simps that cannot control themselves and coincidentally are her main source of income. Also, she allowed way too much leeway to a so-called customer like kazuya, thus evidentiating an inability to set proper limits to how a man can treat her when money is involved (or maybe she kinda liked the guy from the start, idk). Also, she ditched her friends for money and a dick in that beach episode. And she is kinda stupid too thinking Kazuya should have let her die just because she isn't his gf. THUS, she cannot be proclaimed best girl. We should hold a higher standard for our 2d waifus and not allow an ordinary no empathy girl to be crown as such. Otherwise, that would defeat the purpose of escaping reality trough anime and we all might as well go purchase the same only fans membership and pretend we all are happy and fulfilled individuals.

  31. Nayr-Kun


    8 napja

    Rent-a-Girlfriend is without a doubt the most mixed anime I've seen. I love it so much, yet hate it so much. I hate the protagonist, yet I want to not hate him... I want ya boi to realize how badly he's acting, and not be a whimp... like seriously, WHEN WILL HE LEARN! I wanna see what happens next soo badly, though dang it sux that season 2 isn't coming out until way later, and I don't want to read the manga b/c it spoils the anime.

  32. Thegamerkid 24

    Thegamerkid 24

    8 napja

    is it just me or does she look like the girl from overflow

  33. Herobudu


    8 napja

    11:26 we have reached the peak of comedy

  34. Nizar Elfennani

    Nizar Elfennani

    8 napja

    I remember I watched the whole anime in one go without any break in-between, and I still don't regret it. And still reading the manga to this day.

  35. Sanjay Palaninathan

    Sanjay Palaninathan

    8 napja

    Kazuya is nobita from doraemon

  36. Mahar Nwe

    Mahar Nwe

    8 napja

    LOL WTF I Can't Stop Laughing

  37. Art with Shayan

    Art with Shayan

    9 napja

    Bro I'm sorry but i hate anime like this

  38. Rimuru-Sama!


    9 napja

    That Aphelios ult at 1:43 took me back to when Aphelios was first released.

  39. hempisthecure420


    9 napja

    i was here to see waifu, not get spoilered

  40. Stoned Jesus

    Stoned Jesus

    9 napja

    I decided to watch this show 3 days ago and somewhere along the lines, I got brainwashed and read 177 chapters of the manga. I can't stop

  41. JStrozza


    9 napja

    Tbh kazuya pulls this show down. He’s a shit MC

  42. xoOox_


    10 napja

    I am just in the corner admiring my demon child green shirt with yellow stripe

  43. Scrooge McDuck

    Scrooge McDuck

    10 napja

    Ruka and Sumi>>>Chizuru

  44. Tesh Talks

    Tesh Talks

    10 napja

    When in doubt, Simp your way out. ~Gigguk~ This guy deserves a medal XD

  45. MemoryMori


    10 napja

    "She is a human harem"... Okaaay... Im not buying I will go and watch it...and read the manga/ novels/ etc... but not becouse you sugest it... baka xD im not the type to just agree to others, until I experience it and evaluate it myself...sooo... be ready for my comeback =^w^=

  46. Vers_ Dragz

    Vers_ Dragz

    10 napja

    Ruka done dirty with that domestic girlfriend refrence

  47. Rimuru Tempest

    Rimuru Tempest

    11 napja

    4:08 When Gigguk said "wait a minute" an ad suddenly popped out

  48. daisky yaji

    daisky yaji

    11 napja

    me watching video about best waifu of 2020 gigguk: BUT THE SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE SO MUCH FUCKING SHEEEEEEEEEEESE

  49. DarkKlezma


    11 napja

    SIMP YOUR WAY OUT!!!!!! :)

  50. Katharina MKIIY

    Katharina MKIIY

    11 napja

    I wonder where I’ve BEEN all my ‘life’, this shit really Trooly is... Thooper!😉😂🍎

  51. Mirefong Balkan

    Mirefong Balkan

    11 napja


  52. TheBlackCorrupted Swordsman

    TheBlackCorrupted Swordsman

    11 napja

    Ruka is best girl man

  53. Matthew Hyun

    Matthew Hyun

    12 napja

    I agree

  54. bman 97

    bman 97

    12 napja

    Ah the intro🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  55. priscillamoniz227


    12 napja

    man. i hate the mc. he makes some of the most cringe worthy decisions that make me pause and just facepalm for a good 10 seconds. but for some reason i still kinda like him. maybe just cuz i feel bad for him. but actually nvm the ending made me officially hate him

  56. S S

    S S

    13 napja


  57. AK status

    AK status

    13 napja

    Zero two how many like here 👇

  58. Yuvraj Lally

    Yuvraj Lally

    13 napja

    1:44 lmao all league players felt this

  59. Patrick Bergs

    Patrick Bergs

    13 napja

    You made me eat a pizza at 1am,thanks for describing the delicious cheese

  60. Abram Yehle

    Abram Yehle

    13 napja

    How tf did kaguya end up winning? Like after watching both chizuru is way better.

  61. Apple


    13 napja

    in rent a gf all of them are good except chizuru but ruka the best girl

  62. Smelly BabyWipe

    Smelly BabyWipe

    13 napja

    I didn’t know harems could include gorillas 🦍

  63. Joe Mama

    Joe Mama

    14 napja

    Cheeeesee-uru HAHAHAHA that got me.

  64. It'z Blackace

    It'z Blackace

    14 napja

    I watched episode 1 today, and ended up binging the rest of the season

  65. Creamy


    14 napja

    l love bobs

  66. Vishal Attri

    Vishal Attri

    14 napja

    Understood the sarcasm but improve the title man not everyone is going to sit through the whole vid

  67. jsquared22


    14 napja

    Anyone here after crunchyroll announced Kaguya as best girl at the anime awards 🤚😭 (Don't get me wrong i love Love is War but i really thought Mizuhara had this in the bag)

    • gh


      13 napja

      What made it more sad was that Crunchyroll put reminder a few days before the final results, on which she was there

  68. Anshuman Sharda

    Anshuman Sharda

    14 napja

    what is the song that plays in the background at 4:22?

  69. NotMicha


    14 napja


  70. •Fluffingtaily•


    14 napja

    I have a waifu

  71. 『 』

    『 』

    14 napja

    Aged like milk.

  72. Bakugou


    14 napja

    Mizuhara's all right but in my opinion yaemori is the best anime girl of 2020 and all time people will only know who I'm talking about if you read the manga

  73. Nader Tech

    Nader Tech

    14 napja


  74. IvoryMoons


    14 napja

    Why is Rem in the loser's pile? It should Ram, smh.

  75. Another1Gone


    14 napja

    The best waifu of 2021 is Princess Charm for sure

  76. John


    15 napja

    If Kazuya knows better at the start of the show, people would just treat this as just some typical romcom.

  77. dadoking


    15 napja

    This man is a living bruh moment



    15 napja

    All waifus are great

  79. Legend Of Legends

    Legend Of Legends

    15 napja

    Only the cutest badest sexiest nicest thiccest girl will do

  80. John


    15 napja

    For me, Rent-a-Girlfriend is an example of a show (and manga) that (at least) tries to find value in negative experiences, particularly the negative experiences Kazuya has arguably put himself in. If he knows better early on, things would be boring. I acknowledge that Kazuya's stupidity is too much for some people that this story is not for them (at the moment).

  81. Nhân Trọng

    Nhân Trọng

    15 napja

    Another best Waifu is Speedwagon

  82. Antal János

    Antal János

    15 napja

    Everyone knows it's Armin Arlert

  83. Elements Of Infinity

    Elements Of Infinity

    15 napja

    can’t lie I’m hooked to this show

  84. Saahil N

    Saahil N

    15 napja

    He went from waifu to harem to bad fuckin pizza to harem to Hamburgers

  85. Ted Zhang

    Ted Zhang

    16 napja

    I can proudly say that I am a chill harem fan 😂😂😂

  86. Filipciaq


    17 napja

    Oh man u make ma angry at start of the day

  87. Lachie King

    Lachie King

    17 napja

    No Akeno

  88. Koopa Trainee

    Koopa Trainee

    17 napja

    I don’t even like Chizuru

  89. ThatsJayy


    17 napja

    Rikka best waifu idc

  90. Gus Kahalewai

    Gus Kahalewai

    17 napja

    we all know miku is the best because she ain't gon win, there for she is single

  91. pls don't ban me again you libtards

    pls don't ban me again you libtards

    17 napja

    idc, the only best girl is Tama from op fight me.

  92. Leventis Gamer

    Leventis Gamer

    17 napja

    This guys has taste like me

  93. Rithvik Reddy Thumma

    Rithvik Reddy Thumma

    18 napja

    mamichan is the best

  94. APG Gold

    APG Gold

    18 napja

    Weird how the sponsor wins 😂

  95. David Ciric

    David Ciric

    18 napja

    Every girl is best girl ig

  96. Gabriel Gernhardt

    Gabriel Gernhardt

    19 napja

    isle of dogs is a great movie I recommend it to anyone

  97. Walter


    19 napja

    Yo what about asuna from SAO

  98. ionlycreate


    19 napja

    "look over them cuz they are anime characters" easier said than done

  99. Linas Jura

    Linas Jura

    20 napja

    Money can't buy love, but can get you waifu 😂 yea that works irl

  100. Peter Greenberg

    Peter Greenberg

    20 napja

    so.... you just started a fucking war in your comments lol