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The Fall of Mecha

So what the hell happened to Mecha this decade?
Edited by: Bakashift
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  1. ItsJustKenaj


    9 órája

    And then you have pacific rim - the movie adaptation of the mecha genre with shit story but amazing mechs and kaiju battles

  2. My Username

    My Username

    16 órája

    Japanese transformers: *sigh* no one remembers me.

  3. Neha Sandhansive

    Neha Sandhansive

    17 órája

    The only way to save Mecha is.... *Mecha Harem*

  4. mrcraggle


    2 napja

    Promare releasing at the end of 2019: 😏

  5. BC Mcbride

    BC Mcbride

    2 napja

    Star Driver was my favorite of the last decade. I stayed up all night for the finale and watched it live understanding through sheer emotion.

  6. DerpDoggo472


    4 napja

    GUNDAM yeah boi

  7. Courtland Brown

    Courtland Brown

    6 napja

    Attack on Titan is basically a mecha anime, but their mechs are made of flesh. AoT is carrying the genre right now

  8. Miles Deep

    Miles Deep

    7 napja

    11:44 Do you mean Attack on Titan season 4?

  9. Magna Gazoo

    Magna Gazoo

    7 napja

    I liked Darling in the Franxx, fight me. Zero two is Wifu.

  10. Magna Gazoo

    Magna Gazoo

    7 napja

    I kinda wondered why I was watching less...

  11. Magna Gazoo

    Magna Gazoo

    7 napja Does not get the love it deserves.

  12. Nicholas Jevon

    Nicholas Jevon

    7 napja

    Shingeki no Kyojin is a mecha anime. The M E A T M E C H A

  13. Mugiwara Darwin

    Mugiwara Darwin

    7 napja

    Does Little Battler's eXperience count as a mecha anime? I'm a big fan of it.

  14. imirik


    8 napja

    Gundams age is why i haven't watched it. there is so much and it feels daunting to try.

  15. SophusTranquillitas TV

    SophusTranquillitas TV

    8 napja

    I've stopped watching mecha anime almost completely after Aldnoah.Zero and Cross Ange ended, and I didn't try to find another newer mecha anime to watch again since them. Almost if not all mecha anime seem to be originally make (I mean make as an original animation not an adaptation from other media) which in the past decade we all have seen the problem with them as they have not enough time to elaborate the story to be completely good, at best we can only get trainwreck after trainwreck in the later half of their storytelling. Also, the flood of content from Isekai genre an any other thing that come from web novel and light novel format have render most original project from any anime studio on hiatus and even if they can push them out they're suboptimal because of the lack of time I've mentioned. So, I lost hope for any Anime-original show to be good, then I stopped watching this kind of show. I don't think there is a way to save this genre. Because it's very difficult to explicate have your mech look like or working in novel format. It's can do well in manga format but it's difficult to get anime adaptation after that because mecha is not in mainstream anymore and younger generation seem to not interesting in giant robot kind of setting anymore, at least not enough to popularize them once again..

  16. Gioco Royeca

    Gioco Royeca

    8 napja

    Um, Gundam Thunderbolt? Best mecha shit in a while.

  17. Ryuseix


    8 napja

    this decade (2020s) will have 20th year anniversaries for Gundam Seed and 00, 30th for Wing still hoping they do something special for those series my childhood heroes

  18. Josh Lux

    Josh Lux

    9 napja

    (Unpopular opinion) I enjoyed EVERYTHING about ditf well except maybe strelitzia zero two wedding dress robot

  19. Takumi Rocks

    Takumi Rocks

    10 napja

    8:13 wait but that's just an off-brand heavyarms.

  20. DragonGod


    10 napja

    I only got into anime in the last three years or so, and I feel this, I've heard so much hype and love for the Mecha series, and I've never truly loved the medium, I've seen Aldenoah zero, and loved it, until they bombed in the end, and it turned out that whole lovely story I was enthralled in was merely a premise for a greater longer running show, but instead of making it flow it just seemed like it just shattered the world and the joy I felt for it died in that final episode. Mecha is dying, and all of you who say otherwise down here clearly haven't had the experience he is describing in this episode, take it from a new fan, its dying.

  21. Taninzer


    10 napja

    5:10 this is kinda accurate ngl. but guilty crown was like the only anime that could kinda temporarly fill the thurst cause by code geass. also the sound production was bonkerz

  22. Himanshu Rajput

    Himanshu Rajput

    10 napja

    I only got into code geass just becuz the protagonist didn't use mecha.

  23. Daniel Pinilla

    Daniel Pinilla

    10 napja


  24. pran sh

    pran sh

    11 napja

    Me looking at Undefeated Bahamut Chronicles - what!? People liked that?

  25. TheGoldenBandit


    11 napja

    8:11 anime name Pls cant find it

  26. Universal


    11 napja

    Isekai + Mecha = Darling in the Franxx

  27. Matanumi


    12 napja

    hasn't IBO gained more popularity as of recent? it's a gundam show with different and serious themes and its already aged quite well.

  28. White Neko

    White Neko

    12 napja

    Sifi/mecha anime suck!

  29. Oxyhydromorph no

    Oxyhydromorph no

    13 napja

    Getter will Prevail, put all your belief into Getter As for Gundam newcomers- Start with G Gundam, thank me later

  30. Cú_ Mara

    Cú_ Mara

    13 napja

    lets be honest. most anime for awhile hasnt been that interesting. Mecha as a genre has really boring shows more often than naught with really fucking irritating plots and characters.

  31. United Community Worship

    United Community Worship

    13 napja

    Does attack on Titan count I mean like if you think about it Are Just flesh mechs

  32. Ro7ard


    14 napja

    Mecha, Gundam and Gunpla are not only alive and well, but thriving...We've had some of the best UC and one the best stand alone Gundam series in this decade.... I hate even using the term, but this video is "normie" lmao.

  33. Tenjrou_Plays


    14 napja

    Knights and magic is decently entertaining in my opinion

  34. Tenjrou_Plays


    14 napja

    I want to watch jobbythehong after this

  35. Cheese sauce

    Cheese sauce

    14 napja

    Iron Blooded Orphans is what got me into mecha and now I have watch way to much mecha

  36. Andrew


    15 napja

    maybe because there's no money to tell adult stories in anime anymore so we don't get cool stuff like Thunderbolt

  37. JFirelord


    15 napja

    Attack on titan is just meat mechs

  38. Kjra


    15 napja

    The gundam series needs to pull an exia

  39. Ohcrabs_


    15 napja

    Attack on Titan was probably the best mecha show of the 2010s

  40. Kaneki Ken

    Kaneki Ken

    16 napja

    I just FINALLY watched Darling In The FranXX, and I really don't get the hate for it. I enjoyed the shit out of it. Fuck the haters if you ask me. If I can enjoy even SAO post Alfheim, I think I can handle a mecha show that people don't like the ending of...

  41. adino amos

    adino amos

    16 napja

    go watch gumdam 00

  42. Alpersin


    16 napja

    Idk thou I thought Knights of Sidonia was pree nice thou. Should have gotten more cred since it was actually up there. Plot line was solid too since it came off a manga Aldnoah Zero's plot twist defo made shit go sideways and it really was a WTF moment but it was still enjoyable since everythin panned out in the end LOLZ.

  43. Eduhund Stein

    Eduhund Stein

    17 napja

    I don't like mecha but Isekai plus Mecha best thing I have ever seen. (Knights and Magic)

  44. Takumi Rocks

    Takumi Rocks

    17 napja

    Unicorn was actually my introduction to gundam.

  45. Takumi Rocks

    Takumi Rocks

    17 napja

    I mean... Re: RISE was pretty good.

  46. Gary Lai

    Gary Lai

    17 napja

    Attack on Titan is a mecha anime. #fleshmechas

  47. Steel Wolf

    Steel Wolf

    17 napja

    1:10 can someone tell me what anime is that

  48. sid


    17 napja

    Attack on titan best mecha anime change my mind

  49. ArsenalDave04


    19 napja

    If you think about it... Attack on Titan is a mecha anime

  50. MechaKaiser


    20 napja

    S'okay, us gunpla/model kit enthusiasts can keep it alive.

  51. Dave Bajado

    Dave Bajado

    21 napja

    Yea who would want to frick a robot *Deletes rule 34 pics of nobel gundam*

  52. An Angelineer

    An Angelineer

    21 napja

    Mecha incarnates the spirit of an era that is over. The promise of robots and science giving us a bright future was part of the dominant sentiment in the 70's and 80's, but it no longer is. Sure, there are always people out there to enjoy giant robots. But they clearly aren't mainstream as they used to be. And i think it is simply impossible to revert that in the coming years, especially considering the increasing social problems that keep happening despite robots and AIs becoming better.

  53. Patrick McCarthy

    Patrick McCarthy

    22 napja

    To be fair, you don't have to be a Gundam fan to watch Build Fighters. Sure, you might be confused (*looks at SEED Destiny and sweats nervously*), but that's when you explore more and enjoy a series. I got into the franchise with Endless Waltz downloaded on a potato computer that miraculously works to this day and the Dynasty Warriors Gundam games, but I haven't bothered to watch barely anything from the UC timeline apart from Unicorn, and I know how the plot pretty much went. As a fan of Gundam (SEED for me, even though there are flaws to it), I know practically enough to get around in a Discord servers with guys that are more experienced and seasoned than me. Watching 0079 is ideal, but that doesn't mean it's the only way to get into Gundam. So as shitty as this sounds, take it from a CE fanboy and just start with anything, even Build Fighters if that's the only thing you can watch nowadays.

  54. Isa Ahmed

    Isa Ahmed

    22 napja

    aot s4 is my favourite mecha

  55. Just Anoman

    Just Anoman

    23 napja

    Dunno about you, but I stopped caring for mecha once I realized how stupid and unrealistic giant humanoid robots are. Now, to be clear, humanoid robot is fine, just not giant. Or should I say I do still love power armor, that is VERY realistic and actually being developed. Or hell, even things akin to terminator, because the additional benefit of infiltration is useful. What I do have a problem with, on this front, is humanoid robot where the humanoid appearance serves no purpose--neither infiltration nor even eroticisms. Stepping stone to those end goal are fine, which is what many designs in the real world are going for, but blocky humanoid robot for the sake of blocky humanoid robot... why? Human is NOT the most efficient form... which leads to... Giant robot is fine, just not humanoid. Specifically crawler gun platforms are perfectly logical for complex terrain warfare. But bipedal, in its very nature, is unstable and therefore not optimal. The only reason we, as humans, benefit from bipedal is because it frees our hand to use tools. But robot don't need that, because they can just have more appendages. For all intend and purposes, quad or hex "leg" with wheel or thread on the bottom for accelerated flat terrain movement should be the go to design of any complex and large machinery. (Yes, this would, in fact, describe a number of mobile armor, I like those much more than mobile suit) Giant robot looking thing that is not actually a robot is also fine, for example, Evas. Gurren Lagann and Darling are kind of borderline because those aren't purely robot robots. They are adaptation tech of robot like things majig, still don't entirely like them though. Thing here is that the otherwise useless humanoid have a reason, they are not designed that way, they just have to be that way. In short, if you know anything about physics and engineering, you will find that giant humanoid robot, especially those that transform, are god damn stupid.

  56. Super Silver

    Super Silver

    23 napja

    9:34 Damn that RX-78 be looking hella thirsty

  57. Darwingreen5


    23 napja

    When you think about, Visions of Escaflone was really a head of it's time. Could you imagine how big it could have been now? It's basically an isekai mecha anime.

  58. B D

    B D

    23 napja

    The greatest mecha series of the 2010s was Attack on Titan. You completely excluded it from this video. ;)

  59. Seth Does everything

    Seth Does everything

    24 napja

    Darling in the franxx twist about the mechas being the things they’ve been fighting all along was literallyjust the neon genesis evangelion’s twist

  60. Yanza


    24 napja

    as long gundam and transformer is alive mecha will not easily to died

  61. Gundam wing zero

    Gundam wing zero

    25 napja

    Ore ga chiwa Gundamu!

  62. Хорхе Гарсия

    Хорхе Гарсия

    25 napja

    I´m not a life long Gundam fan, as a matter of fact, I haven't watched the "original" timeline series, but I have watched 00, Tekketsu no Orphans, and Seed/Destiny. All of those are self-contained stories and very good by themselves because they still are able to communicate the main message of Gundam: basically, war sucks and there is no evil and good side.

  63. Aceocean tree

    Aceocean tree

    26 napja

    This is why without Armored Core, That anime worse than mecha anime

  64. Ron


    27 napja

    Did he just say iron blooded orphans didn’t take off lol 😂 I’ve seen way more new people get into just iron blooded orphans and code geass then any other mecha anime. (Oh wait this was a year ago.)

  65. Alissa Burge

    Alissa Burge

    28 napja


  66. Goof


    29 napja

    the best mecha anime is SD Gundam Force no debate

  67. Mikazuki Augus

    Mikazuki Augus

    29 napja

    Garnt better make a new video about this when Eureka Seven and Gundam Hathaways Flash movies come out

  68. SB0083



    People have misunderstood this video just based on this title alone. Gigguk has become known as the "mecha hater" in the Gundam fandom as a result.





  70. Dominic Mccarthy

    Dominic Mccarthy


    Kamina would not be pleased.

  71. Lord Cavalier

    Lord Cavalier


    I want a grounded mecha. No super powers, wired trans dimension bullshit. Something like gundam 008th team.

  72. Thom L

    Thom L


    Watched this a while back.... its 2021 now come on lets get this genre back! Plss

  73. Victoria



    Watch Iron Blooded Orphans.

  74. Bálint Hegedűs

    Bálint Hegedűs


    My favorite mecha anime is attack on titan

  75. Ayaan `

    Ayaan `


    I like to think of myself as an open minded guy but apart from anime like code geass I really don't get the mecha genre , maybe it just isn't for me but when I look at the trailers they all look the same to me

  76. Jetto Scranda

    Jetto Scranda


    Great video. I grew up in the 80s with the super robots, and I've seen almost all of them as a child and loved them, well most of them, especially Mazinger, Voltes V, Voltron, Daltanius, Daitarn, Daimos, Albegas, Robotech, Godam, Yattaman and countless others (as I'm re-discovering the robot's designs again)... But then I've been seeing them less an less on TV, mostly endless re-runs of old shows, but nothing new and I wasn't a big fan of mobile suits anime at the time. Then in the mid 90-s I fell in love with mecha anime again with Evangelion, Gundam Wing, Full Metal Panic, Fafner... later I started accepting full CGI mecha animes like Vandread, Aquarion. I found them to be good. But it was hard to make a good mecha show with CGI mechs without having them feel out of place. The last good Mecha show I watched I think it was Gurren Lagann. Interestingly enough I could never get into Code Geass. But I'll try again some day. I've seen some reboot series of the old super robots, and I love them, such as the Mazinger & I'll also count Mazinkaiser, Getter, Gaiking and Dancouga Nova (this I still have to watch the last 2), and I think that's it. I also discovered some a bit more modern super robots series that I missed, and I plan to watch, such as Gravion, Godannar, Tetsujin 28 FX (I like it but hard to find any episodes) and maybe Gaogaigar, I would love to see more modern super robots anime, but it seems the modern ones are full of little kids as pilots and way too much shool-filler stuff. Also looking forward for these (hopefully soon to be released) 3D series Voltes V Legacy ... and a very nice 3D Goldrake movie is coming out too

  77. Nathier Abrahams

    Nathier Abrahams


    Attack on Titan is my favourite mecha anime

  78. Owen Lindhartsen

    Owen Lindhartsen


    Iron blooded orphan was good

  79. Zero two

    Zero two


    Lol darling in the franxx is still my favorite anime’s

  80. callukcraft



    i kind of have to agree as a massive fan of mecha have into gundam and most major series , it does seems if your in your in all the way or not at all and that does not help new people as well , i got into gundam at uni when i had time.

  81. nathan berlin

    nathan berlin


    couldn't you say that attack on titan is just meat mechas?

  82. 12 words Only

    12 words Only


    Getting a new Mecha anime is about as rare as getting a new AAA horror game.

  83. abesolutzero



    The hell kind of dumb ass meme is this? There's so much going for mecha nowadays that I could only dream of as a kid.

  84. Farid Mirdamadi

    Farid Mirdamadi


    What is the sound track at 5:02?

  85. trollpatsch



    I think Knight's & Magic was solid

  86. DarkestRinku



    yea mecha is kinda d-hears heats 2021- LETS FUCKING GET, GETTER ROBOS ARC

  87. Monster3games



    To be real first time i watched a gundam was in 2020/21

  88. The Unknown

    The Unknown


    Yup I'll goes with Eva's

  89. Yangster Supreme

    Yangster Supreme


    Code geass was amazing tho lol the plot twists were great

  90. Sipho Mnisi

    Sipho Mnisi


    I know this is strange.But I wish Symbionic Titan could come back.I think it had the potential of reviving the mecha genre in general

  91. Squantanamo



    Arguably the biggest anime in the world, Attack on Titan, is a mecha anime though.

  92. CalgarGTX



    Imagine a mecha fighting in the streets and getting hit by truck-kun and then wakes up in a mecha isekai. Also I want a front mission anime

  93. Lampros K

    Lampros K


    tbh, i saw darling in the franXX and i clicked

  94. Morrowseer



    Do the Transformers series count as Mecha?

  95. YEETBOI420



    My first gundam series was ibo unicorn bore me however I still watched it

  96. IVYkevlar



    all I want is darling in the franxx season two

  97. IVYkevlar



    yeah darling in the franxx what the fuck

  98. KioshiSora



    gundam AGE is underrated and hated, but a flagship for begginers

  99. Someone_one_one



    Attack on titan is my favorite new mecha of the 2010s

  100. Hehe hehe

    Hehe hehe


    I think the problem is that mecha is such a classic. The thing is that the new stuff will probably not top the classics in the eyes of viewers. All the new mecha are just simply titled oh that nge clone. It needs something new but it's not an easy feat. You could branch off of existing franchise but stuff like gundum are just so large it puts off new viewers trying to get in. But I have hope there is a code geass sequel but it's set in an alternative universe, his could either be a huge hit or a complete fail if it pales in comparison to the original.