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The Worst Ending in the History of Best Girl

Grown man has a mental breakdown over trashy romance manga.
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Edited by: Bakashift

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  1. Crumble 73

    Crumble 73

    4 órája

    The combination of the theme climax with “not blood related” plus chika dance killed me

  2. Demon Slayer

    Demon Slayer

    5 órája

    Polygamy should be a real thing in rare cases i still feel bad for rui I am depressed

  3. Just Spongebob with a smiley on his back

    Just Spongebob with a smiley on his back

    9 órája

    This version of howtobasic speaking is quite nice



    15 órája

    as a dedicated team rui shipper, I had a complete breakdown, this was truely the most terrible unexpected turn of events

  5. Dhruv Tiwari

    Dhruv Tiwari


    No matter how shitty the ending might be but domestic girlfriend finna go down as the biggest dumpster fire ever

  6. dont watch my Shorts

    dont watch my Shorts

    2 napja

    360 No snipe akoma what the fuck



    2 napja

    They could of handled the ending better yes, but he did deserve to be with Hina. She was always there for him when he was down. She sacrificed so much to make sure his dream came true and that he was happy. I liked Rui but it just felt like she wanted to be with him to make herself happy. She even had to ask if he still loved her multiple times, kind of annoying. I’m happy he married Hina but they really could of done a better job showing how he realized she was the one for him.

  8. Segun Ola Ogun

    Segun Ola Ogun

    2 napja


  9. Araragi Koyomi

    Araragi Koyomi

    3 napja

    The same reaction was mine bro....

  10. That one guy With a bad haircut

    That one guy With a bad haircut

    3 napja

    Hina is actually just Larry the cucumber but in human form

  11. Alifian Caesar

    Alifian Caesar

    3 napja

    Watching this after he interviewed Sasuga Kei is beautiful. BEST DUMPSTER FIRE EVER 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. Lindelwa Moyo

    Lindelwa Moyo

    3 napja

    Watched the whole thing today. What on earth was that

  13. magua73


    3 napja

    As Sasuga said to Gigguk "If you feel lost in the story, reread the goddam manga again!" or she would have said if she wasn't such goddam nice lady! So yeah, make Sasuga happy and reread the manga again. This time with a tiny more effort, that would be nice.

  14. Arif B

    Arif B

    3 napja

    I think Rui definitly win in another place, another imagination, because building a protagonist caracther like that its perfect to me, but miracle ending came like a full of shit. So sad, this is why barthes call the author must be dead.

  15. Nina Chan

    Nina Chan

    4 napja

    I swear I only stuck around for the sexy author/teacher.

  16. Nina Chan

    Nina Chan

    4 napja

    I swear Natsuo and Naufumi the shield hero are fucking twins. And I love both of them💓 Also I stayed team Hina till the end. But Jesus fuck so much back and forth bro. My emotions couldn't adjust ever, but that fucking she gave everything until there was nothing but love I cried okay.

  17. Dan Fuqua

    Dan Fuqua

    5 napja

    I just watched this after finishing the manga. Thank you so much! This actually helped me process the ending in a way that im not as angry as I was and can laugh at the utter rediculousness of it all. Rui best girl still tho...

  18. DerpDoggo472


    5 napja

    Spice is a drug in England

  19. Aaron Barrantes

    Aaron Barrantes

    5 napja

    It's 2021 and every time someone mentions Dome na Kano I still feel like I've just been dropped from a plane with no parachutes while eating 20 fill american-sized McCombos only to fall into a pit full of mixed legos and heroin syringes... that bad.

  20. Upanshu Tyagi

    Upanshu Tyagi

    6 napja

    How the fuck do you cope with finishing off a manga with this much spice. My post-nut clarity hit me like a run-away train and I became soulless for 36 hours after turning the final page. Thank you so much Sasuga Kei for such a spicy read

  21. Cú_ Mara

    Cú_ Mara

    6 napja

    oh yea that ending kinda tilted me lmfao

  22. Levi Ackerman

    Levi Ackerman

    6 napja

    We are going to hell aren't we boys

  23. itsyaboiii_


    7 napja


  24. Jakob Malki

    Jakob Malki

    7 napja

    I would have been ok with Hinna dying in the accident, for the writer to be able to finish the story in a good way. The ending we got was shit.

  25. ihatescammers 247

    ihatescammers 247

    7 napja

    Looks like I’ll watch the this show then .

  26. seǝm


    8 napja

    There is a reason I didnt watch and its not just cause I ran out of lotion.

  27. Ft Dreams

    Ft Dreams

    8 napja

    How to get married easy: Step 1: be a vegetable

  28. Desmand Bynum

    Desmand Bynum

    8 napja

    Yo My Mans Is Going Off😂😂😂😂😂😂

  29. oh nori

    oh nori

    8 napja

    currently on a quest to memorise the last 1 minute and 5 seconds so that I can recite it flawlessly anytime, anywhere. including gigguk’s ‘making my way into insanity’ laugh

  30. I eat Sandwiches

    I eat Sandwiches

    8 napja

    Just finished the anime and I deeply regret watching it 🗿

  31. R/B The Toku Hufflepuff

    R/B The Toku Hufflepuff

    8 napja

    This is beyond Alabama

  32. Justice May

    Justice May

    9 napja

    Like was it just me that notice chapter 73 was adult Natsuo that said how did my wife and I get together then it showed his high school looks to me like from almost from the start it was planned that were going to get together

  33. Justice May

    Justice May

    9 napja

    Maybe it’s just me but am I the only one who didn’t think it was a dumpster fire at the start or end and that it’s just cool to hate it?

  34. the vault

    the vault

    9 napja

    The ending focking sad for rui😭

  35. SmuggMC


    10 napja


  36. Blondon


    10 napja

    A car crash is the perfect analogy for this ending

  37. ɬɧɛ ɖıཞɬყ M̴i̴n̴d̴

    ɬɧɛ ɖıཞɬყ M̴i̴n̴d̴

    11 napja

    5:07 what's the song name

    • Omkar


      10 napja

      Its the outro song

  38. Slick


    11 napja

    My best gurl is hina

  39. Nyrew


    11 napja


  40. MegaHunter29


    11 napja

    mc has commitment issues



    11 napja

    thus is the best ending

  42. Franco Stagni

    Franco Stagni

    12 napja

    Eight months later and I still think about this meltdown

  43. Francisco Lopez

    Francisco Lopez

    13 napja

    Hina still best girl imo and she deserved this dub



    13 napja

    This fucking anime manga is a fucking spc object that defies all of reality

  45. Khukphang


    13 napja

    What's the name of the song??

  46. kumar ravi

    kumar ravi

    13 napja

    even serizawa was more mature than hina i come on she is your younger sister with a 8 year old daughter with the man you are about to marry you can still move on plese don't destroy your younger sister and her daughter's life but no she had to do it

  47. kumar ravi

    kumar ravi

    13 napja

    RUI and NATSUO'S 200+ chapter relationship got destroyed by a no name character who was introduced in last 5 chapter what the fuck is worng with the author

  48. kumar ravi

    kumar ravi

    13 napja

    even gigguk is disappinted we can tell by the title of the video

  49. kumar ravi

    kumar ravi

    13 napja

    form the first page of manga to chapter 273 Rui and Natsuo's relationship builds up and goes in vain like nothing really never happen

  50. kumar ravi

    kumar ravi

    13 napja

    NATSO choose RUI over HINA when he knew about both of their feelings and said a clear no to hina even in chapter 273 when He and RUI was breaking up he said ''I LOVE YOU'' but still he left her not to mention his pregnent fionce for his ex girlfriend . I just can't belive this guy

  51. Zac22


    13 napja

    Hina deserve a better ending....not a force plot twist like this,a proper one....thi is bs....

  52. Phoenix Purin

    Phoenix Purin

    13 napja

    I dont even read the manga but this video is all I need. I love how Hina dies but rlly fking Rui got written off like tat wtf

  53. Mikhail Judd Espino

    Mikhail Judd Espino

    13 napja

    So you all forget how rui used alex as a toy?

  54. Shadow Ninja127

    Shadow Ninja127

    13 napja

    It's over IT'S OVER LOL!😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  55. Creamy


    14 napja

    i love bobs

  56. Jrsnow 1

    Jrsnow 1

    14 napja

    I don’t get it? So there’s a “comic” and the series???? Also when is the next season coming? Last thing I saw was the most enormous cliff hangar

    • Diego Sunga

      Diego Sunga

      13 napja

      No 2nd season. It's just promotion so people will read the manga. DO NOT read the manga, i beg you.

  57. Jared Reyes

    Jared Reyes

    14 napja

    Wait car accident? 5 year comma? Magical wakes up? So... my head cannon is she got isekaied saved another world and her reward was waking up to the guy she loves lmao.

  58. Monmoy Maahdie

    Monmoy Maahdie

    14 napja

    i stopped reading from 267. Thats the real ending for me

  59. Brannybeef


    15 napja

    that dune intro do

  60. Yuki


    15 napja

    That was literally my reaction manಥ‿ಥ

  61. 空白Rıdvan


    15 napja

    What i really want is someone to translate all DmK videos into japanese and Kei Sasuga to react to them.

  62. Meep123 Nothing

    Meep123 Nothing

    16 napja

    Dude l did not even understand till 5:16 when you explained everything in just a few seconds now l know

  63. HeavenlyVoid


    16 napja

    This ending was garbage, rui should of won

  64. Ajay Kattal

    Ajay Kattal

    16 napja

    Honestly domestic girlfriend had the worst ending....I got depressed after finishing manga😞

  65. Piresyte


    16 napja

    Did hina come back after she left!!!!!!!

  66. M Fikri Rahman

    M Fikri Rahman

    17 napja

    Now what I'm gonna do with my life? The show is over and we got the winner. Sfx : crying so deep

  67. Des the hedgehog

    Des the hedgehog

    17 napja

    Welp i think im ready to watch domestic girlfriend

  68. Niku nako

    Niku nako

    17 napja

    Hahhaahahaha the ending is sucks. I prefer natsuo die, and those girl deserve loyal man who are better than natsuo Or at least if the ending want be with hina, i thini rui should never be pregnant

  69. Priyash Mukherjee

    Priyash Mukherjee

    17 napja

    After watching the anime Me -The manga will be interesting. After I came to know about Rui 's loss Me :Fuck this shit I'm out 🤬

  70. Andy


    18 napja

    rui best girl

  71. tatowyn


    18 napja

    3:02 LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 3:19 ayo I didnt ask for that what the hell

  72. 4Help


    18 napja

    Ha ha boi it's spicy time !

  73. Adi M

    Adi M

    19 napja

    What this anime taught me if that we all need a friend in our life who can accept all the dirty stuff we say

  74. Horizon Pheonix

    Horizon Pheonix

    19 napja

    The family is more complicated than game of thrones

  75. Horizon Pheonix

    Horizon Pheonix

    19 napja

    That last thing you did was so fucking hilarious

  76. Honeastly Nuts

    Honeastly Nuts

    20 napja

    honestly I almost binged the 1st season (1 episode left) but after seeing this, I can't bring myself to it

  77. Breeze


    21 napja

    Official petition to end domestic girlfriend at chapter 264

  78. Lebiquo


    21 napja

    the coma strats XD

    • Lebiquo


      21 napja

      i just realized this video was more than half a year ago and it feels like it got out last week fuck time dude

  79. Diana Marques

    Diana Marques

    22 napja

    the genuine mental break down this has given to us readers is... *chefs kiss* I never felt so attacked by an author. it's like "oh you cool with this? wait up, i have an idea."

  80. Bismarck Unleashed

    Bismarck Unleashed

    22 napja

    This is the quality content I subscribed for

  81. GeGGlourd Eisma

    GeGGlourd Eisma

    22 napja

    Can't stop laughing how fans so mad about mcs ahhaahah it's just anime..

  82. James Andrew Vargas

    James Andrew Vargas

    23 napja

    it brings back the depression

  83. Jacek Stasiak

    Jacek Stasiak

    23 napja

    School days ending was better. Actually - school days type ending in THIS manga would be better.

  84. Rudolf Praznovsky

    Rudolf Praznovsky

    23 napja

    My snetiments about the ending exactly ....... Except I never rly liked Hina. I can't help myslef.

  85. Omnipotiscience


    24 napja

    Don't worry Domestic Girlfriend fans! The Devil is a Part Timer fans will join your suffering.

  86. Renesh Govender

    Renesh Govender

    24 napja

    This was one cluster fuck of an ending

  87. Anwar Abbas

    Anwar Abbas

    24 napja

    So yeah started and finished domestic kanojo just to watch this dumpster fire of a video. I can't stop laughing

  88. LittleInva


    24 napja


  89. carlo daya

    carlo daya

    25 napja

    Just when i thought the short hair curse was broken hina decided to be a carrot

  90. Laucha


    25 napja

    "She lost to a fucking vegetable"

  91. TayxicFox


    25 napja

    Sees ending My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

  92. Shaun Storey

    Shaun Storey

    26 napja

    In the end Alex ended up being best girl

  93. Juan Valdez

    Juan Valdez

    26 napja

    Lol crazy turn around with the two sisters in this story. I kinda like Rui more. Lol sometimes blue hair girls need some live too. I haven’t read the manga but we”lol see how the anime adaption looks like.

  94. Devin Lin

    Devin Lin

    26 napja

    I finished the manga 3 days ago and the ending was bad. But i was still happy that Hina won because she did so much for Natsuo. I was routing for Hina the whole entire time.

  95. LegendaryTribes


    26 napja

    Imagine losing to an AFK

  96. ali castro

    ali castro

    26 napja

    Almost a year already finishing the anime, and now i just knew how fucked up is the ending in the manga. Roller-coaster of feelings. Slow clap to the author.

  97. CRUMP


    27 napja

    The “how did your parents meet” part was frigging hilarious



    27 napja

    Hahahahaha I died laughing my ass off at the last minutes😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  99. Victor0326


    27 napja


  100. battuvshin batzorig

    battuvshin batzorig

    27 napja

    it's like a I'm looking at puppies and kittens are getting ran over by a train, it's depressing and it's horrifying but I will still look at it and cry.