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Tower of God: A New Era for Anime

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So I think Tower of God could start a pretty big shift for Anime and this is why. Also I had an excuse to talk about Veritas and The Breaker and I was gonna use every chance to take it.
Edited by: Bakashift

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  1. Emma Nicutescu

    Emma Nicutescu

    8 órája

    I'm downloading battle cats rn, I gotta see all the weird cats, I just have to

  2. Rick


    22 órája

    Baam is actually a badass op MC. He just needed to see Rachel's true personality and give up on only climbing the tower for her sake. Now he'll climb the tower to discover everything for himself.

  3. Chris Ewing

    Chris Ewing


    One thing I liked about ToG is that it will casually foreshadow events and you won't even know that it is foreshadowing them until you see it 100 chapters later and be like, " wait didn't I hear that name somewhere", and then you realize it was because they said one random line about it 3 arcs back.

  4. Jared


    3 napja

    9:18 how you gonna leave out the Animatrix like that?

  5. Gabriel Martinez

    Gabriel Martinez

    7 napja

    BRUH webtoons is lit

  6. Saira Aman

    Saira Aman

    7 napja

    I was just bored cuz i had exams (duh) so i was like oh alright lets watch this one and then i was like dude he is one big SIMP and then they left it hanging in between and cuz i had my exams i just had to know what happens next cuz if i dont i wont be able to study even more and then i started reading and i finished those 485 chapters in 3 days and now i want more and i have my first exam tomorrow and well im kinda satisfied that i get the story now but now im wondering about the wishes that rachel will ask for 😂🤧😭save me plis.

  7. Potion Trader

    Potion Trader

    9 napja

    Why does the tower feels like the tower in danmachi

  8. Ishan Salamon

    Ishan Salamon

    9 napja

    little did he know

  9. Zster


    9 napja

    7:38 plz say which web site this is

  10. Sorena Khiabani

    Sorena Khiabani

    10 napja

    You really need to reach the end to see bam's character development

  11. Satsuki Kiryuin 純血ショートヘア

    Satsuki Kiryuin 純血ショートヘア

    11 napja

    Wait this guy actually played one of my favourite mobile games?? It's so surprising how many YouYubers that I love that play this game.

  12. Cereal L8nar

    Cereal L8nar

    11 napja

    I’m just waiting for unordinary

  13. Shadow Sky

    Shadow Sky

    13 napja

    rachel: a so well written character so much that everyone hates her, but she is stilll the best written character cause she gets worse worse in the manhwa

  14. Jerry Okazaki

    Jerry Okazaki

    15 napja

    Ever Since 2020 I have been watching Less Anime and mostly been Reading Manhwa

  15. PGAM Butayarou

    PGAM Butayarou

    16 napja

    trust me, Tower of God is the best webtoon in Korea. Trust me guys, trust me. I've been reading it since it's beginning

    • HorizonSet


      10 napja

      Y E S

  16. SlowRideTV


    17 napja

    Couldn’t finish this, episode 3 I was tired of all the simping and cliche weak character with a secret power.

  17. Zalgradis


    17 napja

    That's a lot of Carpenter Brut \o

  18. Polnareff


    18 napja

    ...But the crunchyroll did. it wrong and the era never arrived... ...No Netflix makes life action series in Korea with Webtoons...

  19. zack ll

    zack ll

    18 napja

    GoH is somewhat annoying i dont recomment it. The ending might be better to watch than 1 to 11 episode

  20. leo 1

    leo 1

    18 napja

    Ahh so manhwa=korea,manhua=china I thought it was vice-versa

  21. Daniel Starr

    Daniel Starr

    20 napja

    “World building of One Piece” “power system of Hunter x Hunter” I think you may have ruffled the jimmies of a couple fandoms there bud

  22. Oreki Houtarou

    Oreki Houtarou

    20 napja

    Tbh they ruined the legendary webtoon

    • Krisp


      17 napja

      def the best of the 3 adaptations though. ruined it for fans tho

  23. Kaneki Ken

    Kaneki Ken

    23 napja

    Well, it definitely hasn't lived up to the hype, at least as far as the masses seem to be concerned. It's heavily criticized, both by casual anime onlys because "Bam is a simp for Rachel" (god I fucking hate this recent generation so much...) and by the web comic fans for not being a great adaptation. I recently watched both GoH and GOHS. To be frank, I REALLY liked and enjoyed watching Tower Of God. Obviously I never read the Manwa, so I have nothing to compare it to, but damn, it was super bingeable. I watched it in like a day. However, watching GOHS is another manner entirely. It's just not good. The plot is a fucking mess and I could barely follow it. The characters are really shallow and WEAK. Horrible main character. He's just a typical Goku "I want to fight the strongest people and become the strongest fighter" Clone. The secondary male protagonist had a compelling reason to fight. Until they took it away, and his only reason to fight is to fight with his friends. There's literally no actual high school, whatsoever. Calling it high school was bullshit. Though I guess the God part was at least true. I really don't think Tower Of God is a bad anime. But the same can't be said for GOHS. Which was painful to get through, and outside of a few pretty good fight scenes, didn't have much worth watching. I HATED the character designs too. They're generic, yet also ugly as hell. The main character looked so bland, yet also really bad. I just hated his design. I haven't seen Noblesse yet, though despite the hate it has received, I think it can't be as bad as GOHS. It feels like the biggest reason for the hate is that people didn't realize you needed to watch the OVA series first to get the first arc.

  24. Sprintt1


    24 napja

    *gigguk after tower of god and god of highschool finished airing be like:* nvm

  25. David D official

    David D official

    25 napja

    i hope solo leveling gets an anime

  26. Iama pooch

    Iama pooch

    25 napja

    garnt: this webtoon thing could stick me in 2021: so that was a fucking lie

  27. Semi - norm

    Semi - norm

    26 napja

    I honestly agree with you ,there are so much manhwas I would like to be an anime and that would add so much more genres into anime like if all fight scenes were like God of highschool ,that would be amazing ,like tai jutsu in Naruto isn't Japanese ,it's Chinese...and I'm pretty sure that solo leveling is coming this year lol you should make a video about how you say certain stuff won't get a season two or a anime adaptation and you eventually end up being wrong

  28. Spencer Ashworth

    Spencer Ashworth

    26 napja

    my god I have been reading for years and it is sooooooooo good

  29. wo0o0o


    27 napja

    Or not, actually, Crunchyroll fucked it up with their tight 13 episode schedule.

  30. KiiREI


    27 napja

    This video aged well

  31. Alissa Burge

    Alissa Burge

    28 napja


  32. NW Blader

    NW Blader

    28 napja

    I wouldn’t mind more Wuxia or xianxia getting adapted into anime . If I had to pick one it would be reverend insanity, a world where people cultivate from mortal gu masters(rank 1-5) to gu immortal(rank 6-8) and finally Gu venerable(rank 9). One of my favourite parts is how they use living creatures known as Gu to fight. It is also a great novel to introduce people into the genre as other novels in the xianxia genre tend to throw words at you that aren’t really explained( like Dao, Dao heart most of it being cultivation levels like Jin Dan, nascent soul and soul transformation).

  33. Peter Panda

    Peter Panda

    28 napja

    I have bad news for you.

  34. Feliz35


    28 napja

    Solo leveling has good art but it barely has any plot

  35. Marcus Ortiz

    Marcus Ortiz

    29 napja

    I think Barn was an excellent character, I love how clueless he is about everything. It makes you more able to put yourself in his shoes as you find out about the world and its characters alongside him

  36. Gen Shishio

    Gen Shishio


    This means we can one day get Sen Ken Rock and the breaker, I’M SO HYPE

  37. Jean-P Duro

    Jean-P Duro


    no-bleese haahaha *frenchness intensifies*

  38. The one glitched potato

    The one glitched potato


    T ower of god is the thing that got me into webtoon

  39. fishfish run

    fishfish run



  40. True Neps

    True Neps


    This video didn’t age well

  41. Ej Coyoca

    Ej Coyoca


    Bam completely changes from a simp to be chad after season 1

  42. iLLaGe ViDioT

    iLLaGe ViDioT


    Noblesse is kind of lame, god of highschool is somewhere north of okay, and tower of god is fantastic.

    • Kaneki Ken

      Kaneki Ken

      23 napja

      GOHS was pretty bad if you ask me. I loved ToG. But I could barely follow the plot, it was a total mess, and the characters just aren't very good. It also somehow managed to make a short season feel dragged out for me. There's some pretty well animated fights in it. But that's basically the only thing worthwhile at the end of the day. I wish Tower Of God had been given a 24-26 episode season. Even if it got split into two cours. I bet it wouldn't have anywhere near this much hate if it had, because they wouldn't have to cut so much. Though in my current state of anime binge watching, I'm starting to go for 12 episode seasons, and leaving 24 and up seasons for later when I've gotten some faster to watch anime finished. As much as I love a show with better pacing, my attention span can be pretty bad, if I'm being honest. So maybe I might have actually kind of appreciated the faster pace, I'm not sure. The biggest difference between the two shows is that ToG actually has strategy, and feels more like early Naruto fights. GOHS is just genetic action fights without any of the intellectual mind games that make for amazing battle shounen anime.





  44. Sid Parab

    Sid Parab


    The jotaro cat had me

  45. Abhiyan Dhungel

    Abhiyan Dhungel


    Well...look where all there of are now

  46. ad2x 912

    ad2x 912


    While watching I got a solo leveling ad 😂

  47. dalton rose

    dalton rose



  48. Warrenoh



    Gigguk. This show is complete and utter dogshit. What planet are you on.

    • Warrenoh



      ​@ThisIsAndroid I mean the story and themes are pretty good. In the show its confusing and not explained very well. But hopefully season 2 can remedy it.

    • ThisIsAndroid



      The show is the comic isn’t I promise

  49. Shizuroki Tadashi

    Shizuroki Tadashi


    quanzhi gashou(kings avatar) is Chinese and because of the reason that its Chinese, it has a good animation but i dont like the voice acting because it feels the same or im just used to japanese girls talking=moaning

  50. swole quole

    swole quole


    Ban is a simp for Rachael, wait till you see season two buckaroo

  51. Saleh Hussein

    Saleh Hussein


    Im here after they massacred all three webtoon adaptations.

    • Kaneki Ken

      Kaneki Ken

      23 napja

      @shef K He said this when Tower Of God just sgafged though, it's not as if he had a time machine and knew all 3 would be so controversial...

    • shef K

      shef K

      26 napja

      "A new era for anime" is a pretty tall claim lmao. Gigguk is just pandering these days

    • Manan Ghildiyal

      Manan Ghildiyal


      @Karanbir Dhawal Read the webtoon you will get to know what is wrong with Tower of god

    • Karanbir Dhawal

      Karanbir Dhawal


      Watched god of high school and it’s story is confusing, but the fights are brilliant. Finished tower of god just hours ago and liked the art style, the ending made be hate marchel and wanting the season 2 badly. Also what’s wrong with tower of god tho?

  52. HorizonSet



    Oh...this video didn't age well...

  53. Sloth InPocket

    Sloth InPocket


    All my homies hate Racheal

  54. Sloth InPocket

    Sloth InPocket


    Rak is best boy not just in the series, but best boi of the year, everyone else are just background characters in comparison to Rak

  55. punchtothegut



    Yo, Solo Leveling might not be the next manhwa to get the anime treatment, but i was screwing around online, and found out that SL volume one of the manhwa is getting released here in the west. a digitial online webtoon, is getting a physical comic release. Yo, it might no be tomorrow, but i know for sure that the anime will come 1 day. and i know for a fact i'mma get the physical releases of the manhwa

  56. zekro



    everyone 8 months later: *WRONG*

  57. Crynonical



    This had confired my theory that Gigguk is basically the Inforgraphics of Anitubers

  58. Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff

    Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff


    NGL, install battlecats, take in the advertisement, I don't play it as of right now, but it's amazing and not that addictive of a gacha game. Very delightful to play and fun to look for walkthroughs on how to beat levels without any rares or paid ubers. (You do get most rares and ubers through gacha means for free anyways, and they are kinda key to the game)

  59. Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff

    Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff


    Chapter 12(ish) and I went to the comments to say "I want a rak plushie", but everyone else was just saying the exact same thing and we all just telepathically agreed that we needed that.

  60. Actually Jeon Jungkook

    Actually Jeon Jungkook


    From what I’ve seen on webtoon, a lot of the audience is becoming young girls and it will probably affect how well action and more martial arts webtoons do. Often the more popular series I see are romance and drama, but action webtoons are always paused or have lower numbers in comparison. Hopefully it’ll be more mainstream so there’s a more diverse audience and all webtoons can get more rounded out numbers.

  61. 재이 Jae

    재이 Jae


    i was a huge anime fan back in 2016 and i’ve basically forgotten about it in the last few years, hearing about this show has made me try to take interest in anime again since one of my favorite artists sing the op and ed, feels good to find this again

  62. Kaitlyn



    i believe that korea can make its own anime well. credits for various popular animes are nearly half korean, including these animes, but they dont have a market for it since everyone is focused on japanese anime, korea sticks with what they do well, kdrama and kpop. if they gained more attention these adaptions would probably be more frequent, because i used to watch quite a few korean anime as a kid. but i have to say the dubbing is nowhere near japanese level so id prefer to listen in japanese and english.

  63. Huyu



    Its suck Copied “hunter x hunter (togashi sense)”

  64. ManateeMentality



    Loved Tower of God. On the other hand, God of High School, while well-animated, felt rushed and confusing.

  65. Sargaxon



    skip to 3:50 for ToG review..

  66. kiyosen L.

    kiyosen L.


    Man, i dont think anyone saw that ending coming, also i dont think bam will be quite as dense next season, but im impatient so i may need to read 400 chapters in a day or two

    • kiyosen L.

      kiyosen L.


      @Mr Catywaty you know, i thought i was making a fast pace though it, and then i realized im only at about chapter 200, so its taking a little longer than expected lol

    • Mr Catywaty

      Mr Catywaty


      You done yet?

  67. MatthewButUnderTheCharachterLimitWhichDoesNotExist



    too bad funimation bought crunchyroll and now are probably gonna stop pumpinh new originals, who knows if we'll even get a season 2

  68. p0r5ch3911



    To the Cats Sponsor. I get the tights cat, but where is the Samurai Pizza Cat.

  69. •AsoCan Aso•

    •AsoCan Aso•


    I want an anime with Weak Hero and The Boxer too! They are such underrated webtoons and the fight scenes would look awsome as animated!!

  70. •AsoCan Aso•

    •AsoCan Aso•



  71. Weeb 101

    Weeb 101


    I think we can all agree we all have high expectations for TOG.

  72. Wahid Miah

    Wahid Miah


    Holy shit I loved reading breaker didnt like new waves so much but seriously need that anime now

  73. Slimy Rai

    Slimy Rai


    im gonna say what we are all thinking RACHELS A BITCH

  74. Slimy Rai

    Slimy Rai


    dont worry guys anyone whos read the webtoon knows that bam learns when he gets hit

  75. Vito C

    Vito C


    6:50 - This ruined Durarara x2. Despite all the cool characters the show could have covered more, it focused on Ryugamine being a *TWAT.* Even Gigguk sort of admitted this. He described Durarara as "Baccano if the show focused on the wrong characters."

  76. Jahīmumirā


    2 hónapja

    Kinda sad though there's not going to be a second season

  77. [funky_space_panda422]


    2 hónapja

    Damn that intro got me

  78. BLazy 45

    BLazy 45

    2 hónapja

    And the he turns to Bam Kaneki and gets more and more overpowered because... plot.

  79. BLazy 45

    BLazy 45

    2 hónapja

    And, who wants to get spoiled?

  80. Farhad Tarapore

    Farhad Tarapore

    2 hónapja

    I need an unordinary anime now!

  81. F.B.I


    2 hónapja

    That cat it dead

  82. What an awesome dude

    What an awesome dude

    2 hónapja

    So far, Tower of God is the only anime that made me (binge) read the original source. It's that good

  83. エルハミー


    2 hónapja

    *S* tupidly *I* gnorant *M* ain *P* rotagonist

  84. Muhammad Naqi

    Muhammad Naqi

    2 hónapja

    Time traveller here; ToG fucked up. Don't fall for the hype

  85. Jasper Pearcey

    Jasper Pearcey

    2 hónapja

    Gigguk: with only thirteen episodes the anime is barely going to get into the actual story God of high school: I am speed

  86. EvenPrime


    2 hónapja

    not even someone trapped in a cave for all eternity wants to see stars that bad

  87. EvenPrime


    2 hónapja

    endorsi gang

  88. GeneralHitblur


    2 hónapja


  89. Loud


    2 hónapja

    This is awesome new for me because I was also raised on Hong Kong martial arts cinema from people like Jackie, jet, samo ect

  90. Klutz


    2 hónapja

    Gigguk please make anime in minutes again

  91. Sabitha


    2 hónapja

    I highly recommend "omniscient reader"(manhwa) or "omniscient reader's veiwpoint"(webnovel) I guess I do have to tell you which came first pls make a video about that it's great

  92. Sabitha


    2 hónapja

    People- 2020 sucks there's nothing good Korea- I AM HERE You have to bow your head in from of Korea the second country of otaku culture NOW otakus not only say "SENPAI" we should also say "HYUNG NIM" and "OPPA"

  93. VortFX


    2 hónapja

    What's the name of the anime at 11:38 ?

    • Why do I still use this site?

      Why do I still use this site?

      2 hónapja

      God of Highschool

  94. Francisco Rojas

    Francisco Rojas

    2 hónapja


  95. Ian Too

    Ian Too

    2 hónapja

    Personally I think tog s1 was a bit boring but seeing how the season ended just lets me know that s2 is gonna be good



    2 hónapja

    Who's hoping with fingers crossed For UnOrdinary to get an Anime adaptation

  97. Commentator M.

    Commentator M.

    2 hónapja

    Season 2 as long as fuck as four seasons 3 merge

  98. Commentator M.

    Commentator M.

    2 hónapja

    Bam not un alive

  99. Cole Hutchens

    Cole Hutchens

    2 hónapja

    unOrdinary let's go!

  100. Brianna Middleton

    Brianna Middleton

    2 hónapja

    Webtoon is what got me interested in anime