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People shinu if they are killed. (Translator note: shinu means plan)
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Thanks to Eliphal for providing some fansub source files.
Also Otakings OG fansub documentary series which you should check out:
Edited by: Bakashift

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  1. What'sup



    yo, could you please play the piracy Blueray disc ad longer next time? Its mere half-a-second appearance in this vid deteriorates the appeal of the rest of the video.

  2. Inferno 0052

    Inferno 0052

    6 órája

    i can appreciate that he has a saguri body pillow in the background, eromanga sensei is culture

  3. Lazada Fanboyz

    Lazada Fanboyz

    13 órája

    I like Gigguk more than Joey.

  4. Denzel Fowler

    Denzel Fowler


    I swear I've heard that ending song before, what is the name of it?

  5. Jungsuk Lee

    Jungsuk Lee


    During the Fansub Wars of the early 2000's, yes we had our favorite fansub groups. Some because of the quality of translations, some because we didn't care for translated OP/ED, some because of 480/720p. Whatever those small differences were, at least we could all agree. . . . . Anime-Junkies subs were trash.

  6. kian villaverde

    kian villaverde

    2 napja

    Intro legend

  7. King Josh

    King Josh

    3 napja

    Anyone know where the character on his shirt is from?

  8. Jarel B

    Jarel B

    5 napja

    We can all see the sagiri body pillow

  9. shaoronmd


    6 napja

    An N64 cartridge? it was the exact same with an ATARI cartridge lol I'm old...

  10. NadiBRoZ


    6 napja

    9:17 This made me laugh so damn hard. I love CommieSubs now

  11. Luckiest Master

    Luckiest Master

    7 napja

    My first anime was named ”euphoria” I found out about it from a HUeye video back in 2015(i was 10) and that led to me watching a shitload of harem anime. Hence the story of how I became an anime fan.

  12. Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat

    Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat

    7 napja

    So is Interspecies Reviewers a hentai, or a really lewd anime?

  13. Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat

    Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat

    7 napja

    9:54 I don't get it, what is he censoring?

  14. Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat

    Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat

    7 napja


  15. Nathan Sami

    Nathan Sami

    8 napja

    Our childhoods were too similar @gigguk hours watching one piece on YT anyone?

  16. Kaizze C

    Kaizze C

    8 napja

    Gigguk defo an 80s kid. 80's kids blowing their cartridge: we felt that

  17. Валерий Панов

    Валерий Панов

    8 napja

    1:40 hello stranger. Wanna you buy? Hehehe thank you!!

  18. MoeinMans


    8 napja

    "not available in your region", yeah that's crunchyroll for me alright.

  19. just your local weeb Link

    just your local weeb Link

    9 napja

    Don't you just love it when you still see fansub openings up to this day.

  20. gufeng wu

    gufeng wu

    9 napja

    I may have completely undertood that sentence at 7:23

  21. Angus Hatty

    Angus Hatty

    9 napja

    Still remember watching one of the SAO movies and the fan subber just gave up at a song and literally said they couldn't be fucked translating

  22. Adam3753 YT

    Adam3753 YT

    10 napja

    everyone watching anime legally and I here in Spain without funimation

  23. Kookaburra wearing a hat

    Kookaburra wearing a hat

    10 napja

    First anime I watched on the internet was Naruto, so without Dattebayo (Probably misspelt that. It's been a long time) I wouldn't be such a weeb

  24. leo morris

    leo morris

    10 napja

    Isn't most of one piece usually fansubs?

  25. Bryan Bundy

    Bryan Bundy

    11 napja

    This reminds me of how back in the early 2000s when I was getting into anime DBZ still hadn't been dubbed so I got the whole collection off ebay which consisted of these burned CDs with cheezy printed jewel inserts that had all the episodes to watch in quicktime or windows media... I also around that time got the Trunks/Android saga off ebay on VHS which ended up being some bootlegs; I let someone borrow them and I never saw them again... still miss those shitty VHS tapes even today

  26. DemonPirate


    11 napja

    Kaizoku Fansubs were the shit! Got me into One Piece

  27. Adrian Blania

    Adrian Blania

    11 napja

    Bible black.... ah a classic.

  28. Farhan Sadik

    Farhan Sadik

    11 napja

    11:59: he watches too much vsauce

  29. John Smith

    John Smith

    12 napja

    Coming to this video 10 months later and hearing him say a streaming company accidentally licensed a hentai with redo of the healer currently airing. Terrifying

  30. HentaiOniisama


    12 napja

    "I accidentally discovered hentai before I discovered anime" Reminded me how the first manga I downloaded back in the day was Loveless. I found out about Ritsuka being a guy later :)

  31. Sciply


    12 napja

    where is my senior discount code? Has anyone seen it?

  32. BlueApp1e


    13 napja

    fansubs helped a lot with learning English for me! I am from Japan, and the public school English education isn't very good.

  33. Gren tree m

    Gren tree m

    13 napja


  34. Senor Corbuiser

    Senor Corbuiser

    13 napja

    Fun fact. If you buy stuff on ebay and its a knockoff you can claim your money back by either messaging the seller you will report them if not refunded or you can just go through ebay which will take much much longer. Either way you can keep the stuff, you're not obligated to return pirated stuff they were scamming people with.

  35. MemoryMori


    13 napja

    Fansubs were the bread and blood of my teens. They helped me to practise my english, to understand Japanese culture and helped me to even keep up with the conversations in the anime. Seriously when you have like 6 random school-girls rampaging at one conversation, how do you know who says what? -> FANSUBS!!! Just make the text in the colour of the hair of the person speaking... BRILIANT !!! (ehm...Shuffle!.. ehm...) Thanks you Fansubs...I will never forget...

  36. mario


    13 napja

    "At least it wasn't as bad as infinite stratos 2" I love whoever made that fansub. It's so funny when the text is describing how much they hated to fansub it and a cat moves over the letters as they were lyrics

  37. Jamie


    13 napja

    There are mangas/light novels that I stopped reading because the original fan-subbers were replaced, and I was already spoilt. Some of those were real gems. As an aside, even with how far the industry has gone for anime, fan-subs and scanlations are still critical for many mangas, light novels, and visual novels.

  38. AlphaOJ


    14 napja

    I like how he gave a free shoutout to them since his video got age-restricted, damn!

  39. daviddare100


    14 napja

    I got so used to fansubs that "official" subs from netflix or crunchyroll, are shitty for me. Feels like the try to hide the japanese terms like the time pokemon replace onigiris for sandwiches

  40. odiethe4th


    14 napja

    Limewire remember when you gave your pc aids to get music and anime.

  41. 俺はエミリアが好きだ


    14 napja

    I haven't watched a fan sub in years I think

  42. ༒Synranelt, Holy Archangel of Death༒

    ༒Synranelt, Holy Archangel of Death༒

    14 napja

    The sad thing is, Happy sugar life wasn't available anywhere other than youtube. So i watched it on youtube. Like a fucking Heretic.

  43. ༒Synranelt, Holy Archangel of Death༒

    ༒Synranelt, Holy Archangel of Death༒

    14 napja

    For more on the basu gasu bakuhatsu tounge twister, search up Ayame Tounge twister you will not be disappointed.

  44. matrixman124


    15 napja

    I remember when fansubs started using nakama in One Piece. Arlong Park right?

  45. lagalil


    15 napja

    I refuse to believe that quality fansub is a dying breed. I miss old times so much

  46. matrixman124


    15 napja

    The MGS tracks are appreciated. Sneaky illegal fansubs

  47. Egg


    15 napja

    What's the name of the song that plays at 1:27, I swear I've heard it before but I don't remember where

  48. Ali Saad

    Ali Saad

    15 napja

    The background music and sound effects scream NakeyJakey

  49. RicardoJenson


    15 napja

    You think english fansubs were bad? Imagine livig in non english speaking country, and experiencing bad fansubs of your language translated not from the original japanese, but from bad english fansubs.

  50. Gato


    15 napja

    Fansubbing is, thankfully, far from dead. Plenty of groups are still heavily invested in typesetting, and others (GJM, etc) are still working on their own translations. Fansubbing won't die, unless official streaming services find a way to provide better sign typsetting.

  51. Harry ASOUE

    Harry ASOUE

    15 napja

    "I accidentally discovered hentai before I discovered anime" Ye that sounds like me. Got into anime from SAO cuz I thought it was hentai.

  52. max ok

    max ok

    17 napja

    in Poland it's fansub or English sub

  53. john doe

    john doe

    17 napja

    R.I.P fansubs you'll forever be missed

  54. CameronTheNinja


    18 napja

    3:17 ...I'm sorry, aimed at what now?... Have you ever watched dragon ball? There is inappropriate jokes and nudity everywhere.

  55. charlie


    18 napja

    Commie's work on early Jojo was hilarious

  56. Kaneki Ken

    Kaneki Ken

    18 napja

    Honestly, if you download shit on Nyaa, fansubs are still very prominent on movies and shows. Like, all of the Monogatari series fansubbed. People in the random seem to swear by fansubs being better. So that's what I've got. Fansubs are still out there. I personally am paying for nearly every major streaming site with anime on it atm. Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. So, I don't feel too bad if I download something not on any of them, or if it's just not available in good quality. Such as Bakemonogatari. The first season is in abysmal 480p on Crunchyroll. So on top of subs people don't like, it's also in shit quality. Which is ironic, because I heard it's actually the ONLY season from the show with the superior Blu-ray version on the site. How they managed to get it in standard definition I do not understand. Unless Blu-rays and dvd's in Japan both get the improved animation.

  57. Mario Pio Colella

    Mario Pio Colella

    18 napja

    Sauce of the thumbnail?

  58. DragPlaysGames


    19 napja

    I hate Fansubs in chinese anime.. Like stop reacting with me with stuff like "OMEGALUL HE DIED"

  59. Daw


    19 napja

    This got me back into fansubs

  60. John Fitzpatrick

    John Fitzpatrick

    19 napja

    10:11 "At least it wasn't as bad as Infinite Stratos 2" aw fuck that killed me a lil bit

  61. Youtube Inc.

    Youtube Inc.

    19 napja

    gomu gomu no pico

  62. Sergio Gago Gómez

    Sergio Gago Gómez

    19 napja

    That giga drill breaker made tear up with nostalgia

  63. Obada Alkhaledi

    Obada Alkhaledi

    19 napja

    Welcome back from watching bible black go ahead and take a seat u are not the only one!!

  64. Katsu Sando

    Katsu Sando

    20 napja

    To be fair a lot of official subs especially those on Netflix can't even achieve what fansubs did in the past

  65. BeLikeTom_


    21 napja

    I discovered anime forgot about it for about 6 years and found hentai then anime again

  66. Hectic1 Tech

    Hectic1 Tech

    21 napja

    I remember the dattebayo site :P those guys were pros

  67. Ealy Ehe

    Ealy Ehe

    21 napja

    9:47 HOW in the actual FUCK are you supposed to read this

  68. Dark Karnage

    Dark Karnage

    21 napja

    Guys what is the name of the anime in the “I didn’t know you were a pedophile...” image please if you know tell me

    • Flat BOI

      Flat BOI

      17 napja

      Gr8 anime btw

    • Flat BOI

      Flat BOI

      17 napja

      It is hensuki

  69. juzt rioz

    juzt rioz

    21 napja

    Guess I have a sharingan

  70. Kyle Yuen

    Kyle Yuen

    22 napja

    I love Kamen Rider subs still keep the effects

  71. Rizurper


    22 napja

    Thumbs up if you'd ever tried tools called Aegisub, MeGUI, MKVtoolnix, etc.

  72. Nick


    22 napja

    TIL SovietWomble used to work with CommieSubs

  73. Zachary Hutchinson

    Zachary Hutchinson

    22 napja

    will you do one on fan dubs?

  74. Smiley Paper

    Smiley Paper

    22 napja

    I’m ready for fan dub

  75. Titanium Tempest

    Titanium Tempest

    23 napja

    My fist time discovering anime was weard if we disclusde dragon ball from my childhood. I was 12 or 13 and in a way I can't remember I came across the entirety of S1 of the anime where the dude gets transported into a game as his demon lord character, diablo in low quality. And to any wondering it was one of the trash isekai anime. AND I WAS HOOKED! YOU HEARD ME I WAS BROUGHT TO THE WORLD OF ANIME THROUGH TRASH ECHI ISEKAI AND SAW IT AS A DAMN MASTERPEACE! EVEN MY FIRST ANIME WAS TRASH! WHEN I WAS 6 AND BEFORE I WATCHED DRAGON BALL I GOT THE DVD SET OF SPIDER RIDER! I NOW DEGRADED TO READING NON MAINSTREAM ISEKAI MANGA AND LOVING EVERY SECOND OF IT AND STARTED COVID WITH READING LIGHT NOVELS 14 HOURS A DAY! BOW DOWN BEFORE MY TRASH TASTE! But some are pretty good and I do recommend reading some.

  76. Kuudere-Kun


    23 napja

    I never watched anything Subbed before 2014.

  77. Jeremiah Caudle

    Jeremiah Caudle

    23 napja

    I miss fansub days. I actually appreciated the sub text and what not. Allowing me to learn more than I would normally haha

  78. bennie tziek

    bennie tziek

    23 napja

    Why do we end with the BREIN song? that made my day

  79. ᴘ ᴏ ɴ ᴋ ᴇ

    ᴘ ᴏ ɴ ᴋ ᴇ

    23 napja

    keikaku means nakama

  80. DragonknightAh


    23 napja

    fansub mangas are even worse lol most of the words were just japanese

  81. DragonknightAh


    23 napja

    I remember watching anime on youtube the tiny corner of the screen with fansubs lol

  82. Airborne Z

    Airborne Z

    24 napja

    i watched anime without knowing it was anime till 2011,till class 5 and i used to buy a dozen of cd of naruto. and watched all onepice movies before watching onepiece.... XD

  83. thelhuss


    24 napja

    The best fan subs are the ones that colour code for each character according to their hair colour. For example Higurashi fan subs

  84. Brisson Kévin

    Brisson Kévin

    25 napja

    I would know Nakama because I play monster hunter 3. Like you have this cat called Nekko that litterally teaches you japanese.

  85. fishfish run

    fishfish run

    25 napja

    god damn I remember watching death note and opm on youtube dubbed. thank god I found my illegal pirate anime website I use to this day

  86. Barren Wolfsbane

    Barren Wolfsbane

    25 napja

    Funimation pretty much requires me to pirate anime still.

  87. Malik Malak

    Malik Malak

    25 napja

    Actually, I used to love those animated subs, and thought some of them were official.....haha

  88. ooga booga

    ooga booga

    25 napja

    kono bangumi wa goran no suponsaa no teikyou de okurishimasu

  89. simonO712


    25 napja

    "I accidentally discovered hentai before I discovered Anime." That explains _way_ too much...

  90. Karma


    25 napja

    15 and i relate to this shit way to hard

  91. Tomi V

    Tomi V

    25 napja

    2016 time when I started watching anime 2017 time when started reading Mangas 2018 time of webtoons 2019 time of manhwas, manhua & Chinese 'anime' 2020 time of light novel & web novel 2021 time of everythink 2022... (I be back)

    • Fouzimon


      21 napja

      Visual novels are missing. Sadly, you won't become a complete weeb yet.

  92. CrazyGamer 2K

    CrazyGamer 2K

    25 napja

    Then you hit us with the throwback piracy music

  93. Foercan Omar

    Foercan Omar

    25 napja

    Wait... those subtitle effects and notes weren't official translations?

  94. Essam Jaffar

    Essam Jaffar

    25 napja

    7:32 isnt that itachi

  95. Troy Zoya

    Troy Zoya

    25 napja

    A HUeyer once Mentioned Highschool DxD and then i watched it (of course Legal...), 3 Season, every Season at this point...and then i got addicted

  96. Chicken Momo

    Chicken Momo

    26 napja

    4:11 Sauce?

  97. Not A Dog

    Not A Dog

    26 napja

    11:50 LILY?

  98. Alexander de Jesus

    Alexander de Jesus

    26 napja

    Where is my senior discount card at 21?

  99. Fadel Rama

    Fadel Rama

    26 napja

    Not gonna lie animated attack subtitles are the bad ass moment with my early life of anime fandom.

  100. te0nani


    26 napja

    The glory Ages of Fan subs elitism, Codec-conformity and Warez-subs. Where basement-dwelling wasn't a Meme but reality. And I was part of this pristine culture.